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No more retreads or reclamation projects at QB


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1 hour ago, LinvilleGorge said:

I think Tepper will force Rhule and Fitts to go all in on a big splash QB this off-season but largely leave the details up to them whether it's a trade (Watson, Wilson, Rodgers, etc), a high level FA (Derek Carr type), or a 1st round draft pick. But he knows the value of the QB position and I think he's going to get tired of watching us try to bargain shop there. Those items are in the bargain bin for a reason.

Our best bet is Watson since he’s in the AFC. GB will not trade Rodgers to another NFC team. Getting Watson to Carolina is Tepper’s priority because Tepper knows he will get 100% of Clemson fans to become Panthers fans. 

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1 hour ago, Pantherxtreme said:

I'll take Derek Carr in a heartbeat, his situation feels similar to Matthew Stafford languishing all those years in Detroit. 


Carr not is that good, he’s also horrific under pressure. He’s turns into Charlie check down the second he hears footsteps 

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I don't see any QB I would waste a 1st round pick on this offseason. We have bigger needs on the OL to fix, IMO. Not to mention we don't have many draft picks in 2022.

Hopefully we can sign a QB or trade for a QB in the next couple of seasons. I was firmly on the "get the QB first" bandwagon but as bad as this OL is, fix that first before trying to draft a higher round QB prospect. 

If someone like Watson is available, that is a no brainer. If Derek Carr becomes available, that is a good option. Other than that, sign another failed QB for a cheap contract, build a better OL and hope you can make one of the turds float in 2022. We don't need to have "the QB" immediately. This is still a rebuild.

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29 minutes ago, Wes21 said:

Marcus Mariota is not a placeholder.  He's a wasted roster spot.  The guy is so brittle he literally came in for 1 play and ended up on IR.  In 2020 he went on IR before playing a single regular season game.

Don’t tell our staff he is injury prone. We will sign him day one…

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8 minutes ago, mrcompletely11 said:

I don’t click links but if you love watching the panthers and criticizing them you should check out the Heels. Terrible coordinators. God awful OL and receivers with a case of the dropsies. Not to mention the up and down defense. Very similar teams. If HoWeLL was on Bama he would have locked up the Heisman week 2. 

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