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So does PJ start next week? Does anyone even care?


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1 hour ago, tiger7_88 said:

Carolina's season is done.

If I were the owner and GM, I'd be directing my head coach to "coach up" Cam to determine *exactly* what he has left in the tank to see whether or not he should be re-signed to be a "bridge" to a newly-draftted QB era in the near-future.

If said HC refused, I'd fire his sorry a$$.

That discussion should have been had in Spring 2020

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6 hours ago, micnificent28 said:

Stop it dude P.J came in and immediately 2 sacks taken and then sends up the Ole PJ special a Pick right on Que.  This tells me it's not a Cam problem it's a offensive line problem qbs aren't magical creatures that create offensive line play and make wrs good. You need players around them especially the offensive line.

Look at Jacksonville they landed a generational talent in Lawrence.... he's getting destroyed. Look at Wilson the qb many of us wanted for the jets... getting destroyed. It doesn't matter who the qb is if he can't turn around after a 5 step drop.


pj got down the field alot smoother. the offense runs smoother as well. yeah, thats what i said.

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Start PJ; we are looking for draft position now.  Beating the Dolphins was the last best chance of making the playoffs.  Anyone still clinging to us playing late January needs psychiatric help.  Winning a couple of meaningless games does nothing but help Rhule and company make a case for keeping their jobs and screw us out of valuable draft position.

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8 hours ago, Tinamedina said:


2-0. and won in arizona and detroit.

Bro how u 2-0 without throwing but 1 touchdown ever. Came has scored six since being back and is 0-2. That tells you wins and losses aren't an individual accomplishment but a product of overall team play. Quarterbacks are not the only deciding factor in who wins and who loses. 1 touchdown ever isn't beating any team.

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