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Hey, Tepper, next time hire a grown up coach


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1) yeah, it's another whiny thread

2) yeah, I know we're probably stuck with the suck for another year or so

3) yeah, I don't care.

Hire a guy that knows how to coach grownups against other grownups.

Hire a guy who knows the pro game.

Hire a guy that knows how to surround himself with coaches that aren't in over their heads.

But first, move on from this drowning man and the kid he hired to be OC and maybe that old guy he picked up at a truck stop in Wisconsin.

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I think they’ll have to move on. This team is a mess. There’s some good candidates out there. 

Nathaniel Hackett

Matt Eberflus 

Brian Daboll 

Bryon Leftwich

Kellen Moore (with a highly experienced veteran DC)

Guys I would get excited about. I like Eberflus the best, but Hackett might be the best to develop a QB. 

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28 minutes ago, The Lobo said:

Hurney won’t be involved either, that’s also good. 


18 minutes ago, Aussie Tank said:

If Rhule does go Fitterer should be able to chose his own coach 

As I understand the structure of the Panthers front office, the highest ranking members would be Fitterer, Dan Morgan and Pat Stewart. Second tier would be Matt Allen and Samit Suleiman, with Steven Drummond fitting in there somewhere but he's not a football guy.

Wrote elsewhere that among the top guys, there's a lot of connection to Brian Daboll. Morgan and Stewart have both worked with him in the past.

None of the most talked about candidates have any strong connections to Fitterer that I've seen, but I haven't done a deep dive.

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I don’t think he’s guaranteed next year. A couple more games like yesterday and empty seats might force tepper to make a move. I’m not sure that our remaining home games are going to draw anywhere close to the interest from opposing fans that we’ve seen so far. Atlanta has a weak bandwagon base and Tampa fans don’t really travel. The result = lots of silver and blue on TV.

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8 minutes ago, BIGH2001 said:

I don’t think he’s guaranteed next year. A couple more games like yesterday and empty seats might force tepper to make a move. 

Every seat to every game of this year has already been paid for. It’s just a matter of whether those people that paid full price can recoup pennies on their dollar or whether they no show that is the question. 

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    • K Pickett was consistently below average before this season.  Will be 24 before the draft.  He had a nice year but he has red flags for days IMO.  Mac Jones was way more accomplished against much better comp on a much bigger stage.  Not comparable IMO.  The Joe Burrow comp is so out there I just can’t wrap my head around it.  Bust written all over Pickett
    • Thought this was about Howell. Lol Counted 8 high performing plays by Pickett all game. Keep seeing the same thing from him, and I don't want Pickett. I want Addison and Bartholomew. Pickett rides Addison a lot for his production. Also, he needs capable pass catching TEs to not go into panic mode. Reminds me of Newton with his passing and Darnold with his pocket presence. Then throw in those gloves on the NFL level. No thank you. His Miami game that followed this was even worse, and he was unimpressive against UNC. He is a project. Obvious why his stats made the leap in 2021 from what he did the previous 4 seasons.
    • really...yeah me too!
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