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Sign These WRs and Call it a day!


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We definitely need to get at least 1 WR outside of the draft, I'd prefer 2.

Right now I'd rank them:

1) DJ Chark

2) Mecole Hardman

3) Adam Theilen

4) Sammy Watkins 

5) Julio Jones 

I think Charm and Hardman are damn solid options . 3 to 5 are crapshoots but on cheap deals? Why not


More unrealistic trades for WR

1) Jerry Judy 

2) DeAndre Hopkins 

Both fantastic options but I'm not sure the coaching staff wants to give away more high draft picks and pay hefty contracts to dudes they're not sure will stay healthy.


Overall I think we didn't sign a WR week 1 because the ones Carolina looked at like Chark and Theilen were probably asking for too much. We might see some more action this week if you see some of these other WRs getting moved for reasonable deals.



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14 minutes ago, PantherOnTheProwl1523 said:

Why have Julio Jones on the list since he isn't the same WR he was in the past when he was a Falcon. His best days are behind him and he isn't exactly a player that can play at a high level anymore.

Same for Sammy

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3 hours ago, MechaZain said:

Normally I'd be all over it but Odell's too big of a personality to bring in when we're trying to give a rookie QB the reigns. 

Man yall gotta stop pushing that narrative. OBJ hasn't got in trouble since his Giants days.


He was a key role player in the Rams SB run. Dude was looking like he was about to win SB MVP before he blew his knee out in the SB.


Are we not allowed to mature after our mistakes? 

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We are not going to end up signing any big name guys and end up with Mack Hollins and Marvin Jones. 

I hope i'm wrong but I don't get the feeling a lot of the bigger names want to catch passes from a rookie. Or Fitt just isn't offering enough money to make it worth there while. 

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2 hours ago, Hoenheim said:

I think Chark and Hardman are damn solid options

Yes, please.  I think it would be sufficient to sign just one and then draft one, now that we also have Hurst and Sanders.  

TMJ, Laviska, Chark or Hardman, and R2 draft pick is not too shabby.  I’m excited to see what schemes Reich and company are bringing that may elevate TMJ and Laviska.  I may be alone here but I think Laviska is capable of being much more than just a gadget player.

I still think Shi is a question mark but maybe the new administration can coach him up and make him serviceable.

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