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Video Breaking down how Bryce Young can actually throw to the middle of the field

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4 minutes ago, jayboogieman said:

John Candy No GIF by Laff

There are runners, swimmers, divers, strongmen, gymnasts, and the like that compete in the Animation Logo GIF by Isabella Carapella that are better athletes than NFL players.

It’s just depends on what tier you are talking about. The size and speed these guys are moving at is unreal these days. Also there is no American Football (due to popularity) in the Olympics. If there was, it would be full of NFL players.

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12 minutes ago, Chief Keek said:

Young is just too small. He's got everything else you want in a QB but in my opinion he wouldn't hold up after a repetitive hits.

How many of these hits could Young take?



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1 hour ago, ECHornet said:

You’re everywhere trying to tell people who view Young as a good option that they’re going overboard. 

You liking other options better doesn’t make Young a bad one. How about taking a breather yourself from visiting every Young thread just to tell ppl to stop talking about him? At least, please don’t pretend like Young has never been tackled by a 300lb defender after 3 years in the SEC  

My stance is I’ll be happy with Young or Stroud, but I view Young as the more talented of the two.

There's going "overboard" and then there is acting like one of those crazy little league parents. The difference between myself and most who would accept either or and the pro Bryce extremists is we don't really have a performance knock on either QB except smaller things to nitpick. But one is what many consider to be undersized and the other isn't. For the past week plus I've seen negative hilarity inducing takes about Stroud to prop up Bryce Young. It just isn't necessary. I've seen the tape for both prospects. They both have the intangibles.

And NFL tackles for mobile QB's are a different animal altogether from college football. Ask Sam Darnold about that 👉

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Gosh this is going to be the thread that people will quote from for years when they want to do their internet trolling thing..

We draft young and get gets hurt "See! I told you he was frail"
We dont draft young and he becomes the best QB in the draft "See! He was always the top rated QB!" 

Draft night, we select our QB. The guy that our braintrust thinks can lead this team and cement their names in NFL legacy.

....Yet, draft night will be filled with raging fans hating the pick for one reason or another.... I cannot wait (eye roll

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Well, Young and Kyler's measurements and concerns leading up to the draft are quite similar. They are absolutely different types of QBs.... Kyler is mobile/hyper-athletic with a more lively arm. Young is more of a pocket passer with insane IQ and touch. 

Both were highly successful in college and worthy of the #1 overall selection. 



Check out Kyler being drafted and what is being said leading up to the selection and once he's drafted....sound familiar?

Young's playing weight is probably closer to 195 than 205. This will have to increase and probably take until 2024 before he hits that marker. The height you can figure out....the frame/weight is the bigger concern. The NFL is faster, stronger, smarter and windows are tighter. 

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On 3/18/2023 at 2:19 PM, Castavar said:

I just worry can he survive over the course of a season. Has Kyler Murray even finished a season yet? Tua can't go a week without getting banged up.


This is lazy assumption with Tua. His size is because he doesn’t know how to fall/slams his head into the ground constantly. That’s a pocket awareness thing. Being a 15-20 pounds heavier than he is now doesn’t stop those concussions. He’s actually taking judo to learn how to fall.

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On 3/18/2023 at 2:32 PM, TheSpecialJuan said:

CJ is Dak Prescott 

Bryce has a chance to be Drew Brees 

A.men. And there’s nothing wrong with a Dak level QB. THIS team needs excitement and a franchise face. Bryce has that.

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On 3/18/2023 at 2:54 PM, OldhamA said:

Where the hell have you got Dak Prescott from?!

What is the difference between him and Dak in terms of talent and traits? Solid playmakers, underrated mobility, good deep balls, not a ton of throws they can’t make. But just don’t SEEM to have that “it” factor. Just a safe, reliable, above average option.

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I know this probably falls on deaf ears and it doesn’t exactly correlate for obvious reasons. I’m a Sacramento Kings fan, have been since I was in middle school. The draft with Curry, I remember being curious about him because of his game but weary how he’d handle the physicality of the NBA (and I know they’re not the same in terms of importance). But read this scouting report about Curry and tell me it doesn’t eerily sound like Young’s outlook-


But Curry's physical limitations probably mean he is going to end up as more of a point/combo guard than a pure two. He doesn't have the size, the strength, or the lateral quickness/athleticism to defend shooting guards in the league (he does, however, have a knack for disrupting the passing lanes as he averaged almost three thefts per).

He is also going to run into some issues at the point as well. His first step leaves much to be desired, and it more than likely will mean that Curry will have problems beating NBA points off the dribble.


Now I know they’re not exactly the same, obviously, but I just hope it does provide a little more solace on the size concerns.

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