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My son was hit by a car last night


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Auston, my 10 year old son, was riding his bike to the store for some candy with his friend, Mitchell, before their usual weekend sleepover. Mitchell's mom was following by in a car. On the way back, while crossing a 4way stop, the friend crossed and my son was behind him.

A grandma saw Mitchell cross and decided to go. My son's back tire was clipped and he fell and scrapped his elbow, but not bad at all. Needless to say that it could have been a lot worse.

Mitchells mom brought him home and the grandama came too to express her sorrow and apology. There was an additional witness that gave their info to us. While i was talking with the grandma in front of my house, my wife pulls up. I go into prevention mode because my wife is more 'erratic' than me. I explain the situation and we both are still in shock. My son is fine and is more concerned about getting in trouble with us and not having the sleepover. We tell him he did nothing wrong. But No cop was called initially and everyone left.

Afterwards, my wife and I decided we need to call the police and report it. When a cop shows up he runs the lady's plates, etc. She has a spotless record. We are deciding whether to press charges but are torn. We dont want to ruin this woman's life but dont feel like you can hit a kid off a bike and just get a strict finger waving, you know?

I am headed to church to give many thanks today but also to look for some guidance on what to do. Any cops on here to offer some opinions?

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No need to press charges. If it's a 4 way stop she was pry in theright of way.

If she's at fault. ..

You should file a report just in case something comes up in relation to his injury. It's more to protect you financially if something that is not noticeable initially...say a concussion

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Yeah I think pressing charges would be a dick move. Did your son stop at the stop sign. Because he has to abide by the rules of the road when operating a bike. If his friend stopped and went then he would have been out of turn when he went through the stop sign if he was basically right behind his friend.

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