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"NFL will eventually take kicking out of the game" -Matt Prater


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If they mean just punting, then I'd actually be ok with it.  You get 4 downs to get a first down or it goes to the other team right there.  Still need kicking for kickoffs and FGs, but taking punting out completely.  Would ruffle the "old school" feathers, but I think it'd make the game more exciting in the long run.

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Please stop fugging with the most popular sport in the United States.

Seriously.  Stop it.  I've never heard the saying "If it ain't broke keep fugging with it until it is"

​Unfortunately, the biggest part of their future market is young people and most of them want scoring, so they'll change it until teams are regularly putting up 50.

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This guy has not thought it through.  If you are 2 scores down and the game is in its final minute, it is over.  You have no opportunity to onside kick.  Ask the Seahawks how important that is.

Punting is one of the best plays in football.  You can't take that away.  It is part of field position strategy.

The more you think about it, the dumber his comment gets.

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Fug.  No.

Punting, punt/kick coverage, and punt/kick returns are the most underrated parts of football.  poo can win or lose you games.  You don't really take notice of all those extra yards of field position you're gaining or losing, but it definitely matters.  In a game of inches maybe one return or poor punt was enough to get you or your opponent in range for that FG that was the difference in the game.

Then, like MHS said, there's the fact that it would completely eliminate onside kicks... one of the most nerve-wracking and intense situations in the game.

Want a reminder of how important a punter can be?  Go re watch our 2013 rain game against the Saints.  Nortman fuging killed that poo.  He literally took control of that game from the fuging punter position after our offense was inept all day... constantly pinning the Saints way back and flipping field position, while our defense was straight feasting.  On the flip side, go re watch our Wildcard game against the Cardinals this past season for what poo punting gets you.  About a free 40 yards to start your drive.

Getting rid of a part of the game as huge as that would be so fuging stupid.

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