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Today's Practice Skirmish

Jeremy Igo

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There were two skirmishes today. I didn't get a clear view of the first. The second, I saw very clearly. 


Kony Ealy was lined up on the first team right end across from Michael Oher. The play didn't look out of the ordinary to me, but Ealy clearly took offense to how Oher was playing him. Ealy got in an extra shove at the end at which point Oher just started to bull doze him. As players intervened Ealy got in a last second large swing in a tomahawk chop kind of motion. I don't think it landed. 

As the players rushed in to break it up, Cam Newton posed for the media in a joking way smiling ear to ear, knowing he was obstructing the view a bit. 

After the fight was broken up, Star Lotulelei looked aggravated and was giving the offensive line a thorough tongue lashing. Its not often you see such emotion from Star. 

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Things got a little chippy in practice today. Rivera: “It’s disappointing. I think the heat got the best of us."


I feel the opposite of Rivera. I don't think it's disappointing at all. I think you need to have people showing they aren't going to be pushed around, by anyone. Obviously, you don't want anyone doing something stupid, and getting hurt. You do want that "I won't back down from anyone" mentality though.

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