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Damiere Byrd Turning Heads

Jeremy Igo

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This isn't personal.

Who cares? Again, that's pointless to this conversation. Rivera loved Fua too. Did that make him a good player? No. So being a 'favorite' means diddy squat to me.

I'd counter argue the same. You can type up as many points as you want but a turd is still a turd. If someone like Byrd has a better skill set then he deserves the spot over another possession receiver (we already have three in Benjamin, Funchess and Cotchery). 

Oh really? Seems like the only things that are "pointless to the conversation" are the ones that do not fit with your arguments about the guy.

Turd, Fua, really? Now you're just being absurd. Bersin may have struggled with returning punts when he was thrown into it out of the blue with little to no practice reps, but he is certainly a serviceable target in the passing game.

If Byrd makes the roster over Bersin, I will actually be pretty excited, because that would mean that Byrd is playing extremely well. That would only bode well for our franchise, and our fans. However, we're 5 days into training camp, and there is plenty left. But I'm not going to dump on either guy, because they are doing what they need to.

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Kid is doing well in practice, but I want to see it in a game.  The preseason will go a long way to determine whether he is gonna be put on the 53 man roster or left on the practice squad.  I think the goal is for him to be on the practice squad because regardless he wont be used much this season, but if he looks great in the preseason games, then he likely won't make it to our practice squad without being picked up.  Only 9 more days till our first preseason game...god it can't get here fast enough.

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I think there is to much time left in TC not to mention watching him in preseason when it counts to make any decisions on if he will be on the 53 man roster. I will say I hope he plays well at game time given his speed. In the words of Gman you cannot teach speed. Given his speed he could make a difference if he can master his trade. 

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