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Final Panthers Cuts

Jeremy Igo

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One thing that's getting overlooked in the keep Wenger over fozzy/todman/Tolbert is the contract. Todman is only signed for one year, while wehger is on a bare minimum three year deal. Fozzy has two years cheap.


Keeping todman for KO is very dumb, since most are touchbacks these days. Wegher has been beasting on STs, blocking and tackling. IMO its a easy choice between todman and wegher, gimme wegher all day.

Todman is a after thought now.  You saw zod pumping him up early and now he hhas pumped the breaks for a reason.  If we keep a 4th back it will be Wegher. 

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For me, it's hard to imagine that Tolbert deserves a spot on this team. He's not a great run-blocker (proven by the fact that we keep Brockel around as some sort of quasi-FB), he's nowhere near the "catching threat" he was once considered to be, and we have other, younger, backs who show they are more hungry than he is. I would give a spot to Wegher (consistently shown what he is capable of in the preseason) or Todman (a more consistent ST player) over Tolbert.

Also, releasing Tolbert saves us 2m against the cap immediately.

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I don't usually share my opinion on roster spots because if there is one thing I know almost 100% of the time, fans and their expert drawn out opinions are completely wrong and it's always funny. So I will wait for the roster to be put into place by the people that actually know how to evaluate talent professionally and watch with popcorn in hand at all the overreactions taking place.

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Same with Corey Brown, noticed he played very little which leads me to believe he is safe.

People actually thought there was a chance Brown would get cut?

Yea, he played like trash a couple of weeks ago but if you guys haven't noticed, all of our receivers (sans maybe Funchess) are trash, at least without Benjamin around to take #1 attention.  He was never not safe.

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I tried to fill out a roster and got to 46 with the guys I'm comfortable thinking are making the team.  It will be interesting to see who gets chosen from the bubble.  We heard there were 9 spots available but I think the WR figured itself out with Byrd and Mike Brown on the outs.  Brockel will make it and people will RAGE lol. 

My bubble squad:

Swole Bones, Fozzy, Trusnik, Wegher, Glanton, Brockel, Marlowe, Lucas, Simonson, Wallace (OT), Chandler, Love, Teddy Williams, Heath, Byndom, Foucault, Blechen


On the 53:

QB: Newton || Anderson || Webb

RB: Stewart || Artis-Payne || Todman

FB: Tolbert

WR: Funchess || Cotchery || Ginn || Brown || Norwood || Bersin

TE: Olsen || Dickson

LT: Oher 

LG: Norwell || Amini

C: Kalil

RG: Turner || Scott

RT: Remmers || Williams


DE: Johnson || Ealy || Addison || Horton

DT: Star || Short || Edwards || Cole

OLB: Davis || Shaq || Klein

MLB: Kuechly || Mayo

CB: Bene || Tillman || Norman

S: Coleman || Harper || Boston || Jones


K: Gano   P: Nortman  LS: Jensen

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