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Corona Virus

Ja  Rhule

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2 hours ago, Rags said:

It's worth noting Italy has stopped testing Mild cases in an effort to better treat and manage critical or serious ones.

That said, Italy is a grim reminder that this is gonna take longer than two weeks.

We we first realized we had internal spread we should've shut down. Found hotspots and cases. Instead we went about as normal (and still are, the spring break waves are gonna fug us.)  and it's depressing.

Buckle the fug up everybody we're gonna be here for a while


Remember, we are 13 days behind Italy. And not doing much to slow anything down.

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Hi everyone,

Im french living in France..we are in lockdown since 7 days. I can tell you it's a tough virus with horrible consequences. Life has completely change. Everything you touch..is a virus threat. People are feared to work. 

Do everything you can to stop the virus. Our fuging governement did nothing and now it's too late. We are in lockdown for a very long time with a lot of dearhs coming...hard time...

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12 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

We were tracking behind them for a little while, but it looks like we're now tracking ahead of where they were.


And this is all first wave, btw. 

Spring Break is going to Wreck Our poo.  There's no excuse to have beaches open besides wringing out as much money as they can out of the situation.


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i emailed the sheriff's dept out here, madison county, this morning to see if there were volunteer lists for shopping, delivering meds, cleaning disinfecting stuff...  just got a contact # back a few minutes ago.   i'll see what they say.  they may say no, not yet, not unless you've had it - you have to buy a suit...  idk.  we'll see.   

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1 minute ago, LinvilleGorge said:

How are you calculating death rate without knowing total cases?

changes every day

ours has come waaaaay down because we are finally testing.

all new cases are probably ones that have been there, just not accounted for.

Might turn into Italy tomorrow, who knows, but Germany has a very high number of cases and so does S Korea, and both have low death rates.

So far, Italy death rate is about 5 times higher than ours

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We should have shut down weeks ago.  We have allowed things to continue for far too long...most people not giving a crap about getting others sick / they refuse to follow rules is going to be our downfall.  Until people are forced to do this stuff in America, they just won't.  My company just shut down for 2 weeks or until further notice.  I am not leaving my house unless I absolutely have to.

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