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Adam Schefter: Growing sense, DeShaun is done as a Texan. #itshappening

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55 minutes ago, AceBoogie said:

I’ve been thinking this as well. 

Houston is the type of franchise that would take a run at a Matt Ryan late career to  sputter out. Deshaun started his football life as a young little ball boy on the Falcons sidelines. They have the 4th pick and landed IMO the most promising HC hire.

Hell, with Ridley & Gage looking great, maybe they just send HOU Julio+Ryan+2021 1st and whatever else haha. Seriously though, could be the destination IMO.  Ryan is definitely the type of QB that McNair likes.

It also opens up a QB for us in the draft and it's my suspicion that Rhule is eyeing Zach Wilson by whatever means necessary.


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I guess the question if you are Watson is what team looks the most promising?

You look towards Charlotte and we have an owner who's very much, let us say on the other side of the equation to the Texans one.  A promising young HC, great skills players on offense & a young promising defense.  That's a solid situation.

But then I look at Atlanta, San Fransisco, Chicago, & dare I even say LAR. All have similar situations and would be SB contenders with him.  I think it's one of those teams.  Also, all in the NFC so they don't have to play him all the time.

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11 minutes ago, Sean Payton's Vicodin said:

Watson would turn us into insta contenders. Like the only NFC team that I would take over us with Watson is Green Bay.

Exactly, we're not far off from being contenders. If you listen to some around here, we're years away from contending which isn't true. Just need a few olinemen, Dbs and a LB or 2 and we're golden. 

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