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Peter King on Panthers and Deshaun Watson

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1 minute ago, electro's horse said:

i love how king just randomly tosses in Robby Anderson, since as someone who only cares about the Jets and Giants thats a player he's heard of. 

the Robby anderson piece makes no sense... why would they trade for a player with one year left on his contract? This isnt the NBA.... 

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1 minute ago, Moo Daeng said:

It's relatively good but we have 21 players under contract so that will get utilized as expected. The two teams with fewer players under contract have more cap space than us for 2022.

are you suggesting we would use 130 million in one off season to fill the roster and not extend DJ in the process?

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23 minutes ago, USC/panthers_11 said:

The only idiotic takes in this thread are those that feel we should give up anything close to what the Peter King article suggested for Watson (or any combination of multiple 1st rd picks, starters from the Panthers roster, etc).

The Texans will want too much in return for Watson. This is not up for debate! Unless you want the Panthers to get taken to the cleaners with a horrific deal, move on from the idea Watson will be a Panther. Enough is enough. 

Damn, Sizzlebuzz has an alt?

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there are two ways to look at peter king saying this

1.) he's probably just bullshitting and trying to generate clicks. the guy mails in all his articles these days and has been coasting on his name for over a decade.

2.) he is one of the NFLs official mouth pieces. If he's saying something, then he's heard something or the NFL wants to start getting the idea out there. 

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I don’t see any of this  happening 

if Miami is truly in the hunt, that’s it for the Panthers   More draft capital and players to offer   I’d take Tua over Teddy in two shakes of a rat’s ass 

Florida’s tax situation is better than NC’s

I honestly can’t see a young man choosing Charlotte over Miami

.....and at the end of the day it’s his choice supposedly where he goes   If it’s Miami or Charlotte, it’s Miami 

as much as Tepper may lust for him,  I suspect this love is unrequited and that’s probably in the Panthers best interest 




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