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Good chance Cam will be Patriots starter in 2021

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4 hours ago, Aquemini said:

And Jimmy G's 2019 was 16 Games

Cam had 15 games this season

So basically Cam accounted for as much in 2020 as Jimmy G did in 2019 but were saying Cam's done, but Jimmy G is a good option.


Are you Cam?

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8 hours ago, raleigh-panther said:

I wish Cam nothing but the best 

he gave everything he had 

IMHO there isn’t a person in the Huddle who should be bad mouthing him 

I do not see it.  Cam was great, but I got so mad when I saw RR running him into the ground.  I knew he was taking a beating--I did not expect the wall this soon, but I thought he had a 10-year shelf life.  We met Cam--his act was not an act. He is like that all the time--at practice, with us, etc.  I wish I loved life as much as he does.

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If we don't take Jones in the 1st, then Belichick will grab him with his pick. Cam may well be the starter in 2021 to begin the season, but won't be for long after that.


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As to the topic, I put this in the same category as I do the articles about the Panthers starting Bridgewater.

It might happen, but it's not ideal and I'd be surprised.

(cue someone illiterately saying "you just compared Newton to Bridgewater)

Edited by Mr. Scot
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1 hour ago, Mr. Scot said:

Disagree. Too wordy.

Not really a big fan of any of them so far.

The simplest, most elegant solution is staring us all in the face.

Suck for Sam.


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If the Patriots decide to actually add some talent to that offense, Cam will look a LOT better. No one has done more with less in his career than Cam Newton.

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