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LaMelo is so good, SNL is even talking about the Hornets

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On 3/2/2021 at 11:26 AM, Riverboat Ron said:

I'm happy that someone finally realizes the greatness of Gastonia.

The greatest description of Gastonia is that it's the hometown of Fred Durst. That perfectly encapsulates the essence of everything that is Gastonia.

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    • No. They're taking Mac Jones. Don't buy the smoke. 49ers are playing the rest of the league to keep teams from setting plans with Atlanta at #4 before the draft.    Lawrence, Wilson, Jones are basically set in stone. The Falcons are probably taking Pitts. Cincinnati is insanely taking Chase rather than a tackle. Miami's pick is interesting. It seems like they traded up figuring they would have at least one of Pitts or Chase at 6, but it is trending towards neither being available unless Atlanta trades down. The question then is, does Miami reach for one of the other WRs? Do they try to find a trade down partner? Do they take a tackle? If they take a tackle, I think it will be Slater. He's a better fit for them because they already have two young tackles in Austin Jackson and Robert Hunt. You can imagine Slater inside more than Sewell, and maybe Slater pushes Hunt or Jackson inside if that's the best fit. Either way, Slater gives them insurance across the OL that Sewell wouldn't necessarily offer.  I don't think Detroit is taking Sewell. I think they'd love to trade down at 7 if it plays out like this because Lance, Fields, and Sewell are all on the board. You have to figure there would be a good bidding war for the pick. Sewell doesn't really seem like a fit with Dan Campbell. I think if they are taking OL, they will trade down and target someone like Teven Jenkins later on.  If Sewell falls to 8, which seemed unfathomable weeks ago, Carolina should be sprinting to the podium. Doesn't matter what the offer is to trade down. Nothing is going to equal the impact they'll get from Sewell. If he's not there, then you have to look at a trade down with one of the QB-needy teams or possibly someone looking to move up for one of the Alabama WRs. 
    • Especially if Miami wants him. They would gladly trade up with ATL. 
    • Natalie Miller   @Nat_NFLDraft · Apr 16     Based on what I hear. 1. Lawrence 2. Wilson 3. M.Jones 4. Lance 5. Chase 6. Pitts
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