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JJ swatt To the Cardinals

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1 hour ago, CanePantherHornet said:

I'm guessing he went to who offered him the most money. Packers, Bills, or Browns are closer to competing for a championship. It would have been insane seeing him across from Myles Garrett.

Huge money and a quick trip back to his pad/home.  Can't blame him.  

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1 hour ago, Leotiger said:

Texas has no state income tax ...... Arizona has state income tax.... I think would have made more money if signed in Texas then Arizona.... but I think Arizona bay water front will be very expensive in the future ... 

Wow, you're right. I looked it up quickly before and did not notice it was referencing sales tax instead of income tax. My bad and I stand corrected.

In that case, wow, talk about wanting to get the hell out of town.

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Can't wait for more signings to take place, do y'all think we will see more movement before or after the draft? I'm thinking it will be extremely limited until after, and then the floodgates will open and real FA will begin. 

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2 hours ago, Moo Daeng said:

Well that's boring. But sure beats living in Buffalo or Cleveland or Green Bay

Yea...he went for the best locale for sure

all the writers had this one pegged for sure...none of them know squat about anything

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2 hours ago, Khyber53 said:

State income tax bracket is 4.5% at his level of income. Texas can be 8.25%. I can see Arizona being more lucrative and attractive to players.

Of course, the Titans and Jaguars both sit in states with zero state income tax... (As do the Buccaneers, as Mr. Brady's accountants surely knew).

Uhhhhh.....Texas has zero state income tax as well.

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