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Temple WR on the Roster - Ventell Bryant

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Just happened across this, just a guy to keep an eye on likely for culture / camp body, may be an interesting guy to keep up with -- 6'3'' / 205


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The WR position may be hard for this guy to crack even with Curtis gone. I'd thing DJ, Robbie are locks and David Moore, Keith Kirkwood and the Bayless kid have an inside track. That doesn't leave a lot of room especially with a potential draft pick and Brandon Z on on the roster (If he sticks again this year I'll swear he's B. Bersin 2.0!)

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I'd like to think we look similar to this heading into the season -

  • Moore / Anderson / Moore #2 / Rookie with similar skill set to Curtis

Guys like Kirkwood, Bayless, and even this guy I don't buy as ''sure ins'' to make it. More so than anything Kirkwood knew the offense as he was in NO, Bayless & Bryant are slow UDFA's with what seem to be good hands & ball skills. 

Biggest question for them is can they separate consistently and not have to always catch in traffic even though they seem to possess that ability. Micah Simon and the 4.3s speed also has me intrigued. 

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Kirkwood is a little taller like Bryant and they really liked Bayless last year in Camp. I had forgot about Simon. It will be interesting to see if they draft a receiver. If so, I think they'll probably go for someone in the later rounds who has KR ability unless a 1st or 2nd round talent really slips and falls into their lap.

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