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Inside the Draft Room: A weekend of change for the Panthers

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What a great read.

The point in there where they admit somewhere after the Bears trade and #59, the tackle (or) two they were targeting was drafted.  3 notable ones:

Jenkins, Radunz, Eichenberg, Cosmi, & Walker Little.  I do wonder which one we fawned over and would've picked if all available.

They had to have known Jenkins was going to be picked but maybe they were thinking  Eichenberg or Cosmi were going to be available.  Radunz went after the second trade down w/the Browns so they must've had him near equal to Christensen.  Makes you wonder.  I think it was maybe Sam Cosmi. 

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What a great read. Don’t know if we have ever been given that much honest insight before.

I definitely like the line of thinking here to not fall in love with players that fall outside of the elite category (top 15 this year). If a player makes it to the 2nd round or beyond, they made it there for a reason, so no reason to get emotional about having to have one of them. 

I did not know the Texans owned the Rams 22’ 4th round pick, kind of dampens the value of that trade to me a tad as it’s surely going to be lower than that of the Texans. Granted we’re talking about a 4th round pick so no that big of deal.


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12 minutes ago, L-TownCat said:

Ok, stop it.


I already like the draft.  Telling me you hiked up NOLA's skirt and took their prom dates is too much.

That's the best part in all of this.  We f*cked them for a change.  

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