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Official NFL Schedule Day Leaks and such and stuff


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5 minutes ago, jayboogieman said:

You'll get a Thursday night game and like it too!

Just kidding. I thought it was a mandate that every team gets one of those so the NFL can say every team gets a national primetime game.

Yep pretty sure everyone gets a Thursday game think it will be on the road this year. I hope we get a prime time game at home.

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47 minutes ago, Cdparr7 said:

Per the reports we look like this if they are right

1. VS Jets




5 VS Eagles

6 VS Vikings

7 @ Giants

9 VS Patriots






15 @Bills



U might have to add week 18 to list to include bye. They saying we probably getting Bucs week 18. So they can rest their players for the playoffs. I didn’t say it just what I read lol

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Strength of schedule:

1. PIT 2. BAL 3. CHI 4. GB 5. MIN T6. CIN T6. DET 8. LVR 9. CLE 10. LAR T11. KC T11. SEA T13. TEN T13. AZ T15. WFT T15. HOU 17. LAC 18. JAX T19. SF T19. NYJ T19. NE 22. NOLA T23. BUF T23. IND 25. NYG 26. CAR T27. DEN T27. MIA 29. TB 30. ATL 31. DAL 32. PHI

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1 hour ago, Charlotte_Sports_Hub said:

Week 2: Home against New Orleans (1:00) (FOX)

Week 16: Away against New Orleans (1:00) (FOX)

lol, saints always first to leak entire schedule.

Puts us at back to back home games to start the season.


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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

We already knew about our game, but apparently the Patriots entire schedule has been leaked.


Not correct especially cuz shows Jets an away game and week 2.. We know it’s week 1 at home.. this guy spreading fake schedules .. the Twitter poster not you Mr Scott

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10 minutes ago, ericr0319 said:

so we dont have to play the Saints 2 out of 3 weeks for once?

I hope week 17 is vs ATL or TB. I've been a fan of the final two (or three) weeks being divisional games across the league.

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