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New Pod: Greg Cosell + Schedule Breakdown

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42 minutes ago, Ivan The Awesome said:

Also, hearing Cosell call Brian Burns "Gumbi" makes me happy for some reason. lol


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I enjoyed it thoroughly.  The only issue I heard (a petty one) if I heard correctly, was that Marshall (a player Cosell thought might go in the first round went 59th--I think the group said 39th--not that big of a deal, but if the Panthers got him 20 picks after you were all saying he was a good value--it makes it a great value-such a value that it makes you start looking for the reason he fell. 

Congrats--great interview---and thanks for personally bringing to our attention.

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Posted (edited)
18 hours ago, Ivan The Awesome said:

I hate billy marshall, but i love me some ellis. Also Cosell is a fantastic analyzer of talent. 

I used to reslly despise him but he's grown on me. I think his Tweets come off a lot more sniveling than the podcast 

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21 hours ago, ellis said:

Hey guys. Billy and I have a new one out for you. A few weeks back, Matt Bowen joined us. (Matt is a good dude. Smart. He’s coming back on again next week.) 

Today, his cohost on ESPN NFL Matchup, Greg Cosell, spent some time with us.  Greg is a tremendous analyst, and did a nice job breaking down Carolina’s draft class + Darnold.

On the back end of the show, we discussed the 2021 schedule, and some of the nuances we found interesting. 

Hope you guys enjoy! 


your best work yet 

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