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I don't know what he should've done, but damn... he certainly played his cards as poorly as he possibly could have. He went from being a good QB on a bad team and assumed mid-round pick with the ability to possibly play his way into 1st or 2nd round consideration to going undrafted and not even making it to training camp for a team whose QB room is a dumpster fire. Transferring and then option to sit out then going to the draft and bombing the pre-draft process... I mean damn, it was tough to watch. You're watching a talented kid basically flush his future down the toilet with a series of awful decisions.

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I am not real shocked by Newman being released so quickly, I never thought he was NFL QB talent.
Not sure he was good enough to beat out Bennett at UGA.
But I am shocked the Eagles released Trevon Grimes so quickly, since Brian Johnson is the reason Grimes signed there.
Seems that would  have gotten him past mini camp. Must have had a bunch of drops on bad throws from Newman.
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22 hours ago, MHS831 said:

Early in the draft mock season last year, he was Georgia's starting QB and on some first round lists. 

He is from Graham, NC.  I have family there---they are so disappointed right now.

That might go down as being the regret of Newman's life, not playing that season. I hate that it turned out this way. Decisions have consequences.
Definitely sucks for the guy. Hopefully, other players will take note and reconsider putting “me” first and finishing it out. He should have stayed at Wake Forest!
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Albert Breer wrote a few paragraphs about Newman in his latest Game Plan column.

Apparently, when Newman opted out of the season and declared for the NFL Draft in the same day, he had essentially bought into his own hype.

Turned out the NFL didn't think nearly as much of him as Newman thought they did.

(and it would seem they think even less of him now)

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