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Biggest glaring redzone weakness?


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3 hours ago, TheWiz said:

As great as CMC is, he's best in space. As effective as he is, it starts getting predictable, and thats why we struggle in the redzone. We need to start seeing what we have in Royce so that we're not so one dimensional inside the 20. 


I still dream about 21 ponies too.  That one time we used CJ Anderson and CMC together.... Sweet.

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7 minutes ago, bigdog10 said:

I’ve criticized Brady a lot, but Sam missed a td to Ian Thomas and to Marshall. Brady’s play call had both of those guys open for six. 

I have not totally given up on Ian Thomas we can still find use for him. But they need chemistry together if I were Sam I would have all the guys out there catching passes as often as possible develop a rapport the lack of reps together in preseason had an effect. Our lone long TD was to Anderson who Darnold has the most history with that is no coincidence. Get on the same page.

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18 hours ago, micnificent28 said:

I have no idea what this coaching staff has against thumpers and or goalinebacks but, it has been clear to me over the years CMC is fantastic in space* he can make the wow plays the eye opening catches.. but 4th and you gotta have it and they know it's coming... just isn't the situation you want to put him in.

If you want to throw him a swing or something on 4th. I'm all for it.. but don't just hammer him in there like Tolbert or cam we haven't had a presence like that since those guys left or Stewart for that matter. I'm not sure how we sign guys like arnold as backup tightens and gio the new designated fullback and no rb on the roster pushes 220( Royse freeman is 238)*.  

I'm not saying that hammering it in on 4th and 1 is the only way to go but you damn well better have the threat that you can muscle up and punch it in if need be. This role needs to be addressed in tight ball games or those situations could result in losses down the road.


Agreed. If you’re going to go for it inside of 2 yards to gain then split CMC out (or take him out altogether) and put a short yardage back in the game. 

Not everything has to be disguised and I think that’s what they want in a way with CMC on those downs/distance. “You don’t know if he’s gonna run or catch.” Sometimes you just have to line up and push the other team off the spot.

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11 hours ago, DaveThePanther2008 said:

Put Brown and Christensen in on short yardage and we'll have better push than we we have right now. 


7 hours ago, Catsfan69 said:

This is what I would like to see Brown at a minimum. 


2 hours ago, KB_fan said:

I REALLY want to see this!

I agree, and this is why I was so disappointed when Brown was a healthy scratch (inactive) yesterday.

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18 hours ago, TheCasillas said:

Ill be a bit more specific... Brady doesnt have a RZ fade in the playbook. I dont think we have had a single throw thrown under Brady where it was a 1 on 1 jump ball istuation in the corner of the RZ.

Im speaking for the entirety of our RZ issues, not today's. TBH if that fumble doesnt occur today... we are probably speaking positiviely about our RZ offense today.  I just wish we would focus on big targets in the RZ and setup 1:1 situations.

Seems like both Dan Arnold and Terrace Marshall were acquired/drafted to run that type of play.

Also why was the end zone pass to Thomas not to Dan Arnold. Arnold is much better receiver than Thomas. Not saying he would have caught it, but if you made put money on one TE on our roster to make a circus catch, it's Dan Arnold.

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