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Official Panthers at Cowboys GameDay Thread


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Just now, Puresteel55 said:

I am so proud of our Panthers. They definitely kept pounding.

This is going to be a very good team. 1.25?years into a major rebuild I don’t know how you could ask for much more.

Screw all the clueless negative nannys!


The Panthers are a helluva football team.  They took advantage of Dallas laying off the gas late in the game and almost pulled it off.  Much respect to Carolina, they're a tough bunch.  This is the first real team they played this season and they earned a little more respect amongst the masses im sure.

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Amazing how the final score came out to a one TD game. 

Refs call that fumble and we get the ball back in plus territory we may be looking at a different outcome. Hell, Carter gets Dak on the ground for a sack 1st play, Shaq doesn't whiff on the scramble and maybe its a different story. 

Bright side the Saints lost in OT and doesn't look great for Atlanta. HATE losing but we fought back and didn't get blown out so I'll hang on to that for now. 

Fug the refs tho.

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Sometimes it’s just not your day, whatever the cause may be. Every season that we’ve had a strong team, we’ve had at least one embarrassing loss. I’m not writing off the season. Even with this atrocious line, once we get McCaffrey back we’re dangerous again. We made it out of the first quarter 3-1. We’re playing with house money. Let it ride. 

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6 minutes ago, KillerKat said:

Carter is an undersized MLB and we already have too many undersized DE and OLBs. Today it showed as they were pushed around all game.

Yea, it wouldnt bother me as much if he had the speed to make up for it, but I don't see it. That's why I think Luvu would be good to try out there whos bigger and honestly looks more explosive to me.

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