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McAdoo Predictable


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51 minutes ago, ncfan said:

So this is not good. He hasn't evolved at all

The Giants offense is devoid of imagination. They ran 90 percent of their formations out of sets featuring three receivers, one tight end, one running back last season; the league average was 60 percent. Entering the bye in Week 8, that number for New York was more than 96 percent!

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13 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

Ellis Williams...


Apparently Orvilisky is exaggerating a bit because there are multiple examples that violate his rule in a very small data set.    Also a Run Pass Option can be a run or pass,  to include it as just a run doesn't help his case either.  So if there are plays where CMC is behind Baker a yard , you cannot sell out for a run like  Orvilisky is telling you.

Orvilisky predicted us to go to the playoffs.  He's pissed we're 0-2 and grasping at straws for why.

I'm not arguing the coaching has been great, it hasn't.  I'm saying Orvilisky is going to pick on something about the Panthers because he predicted us to go to the playoffs.

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8 hours ago, Jackie Lee said:

Plus the fact there was zero strategy behind the hire. Just the only guy he could convince to take the job and hoped for the best. What a brand

Well that shows exactly how the league views him. He was done before we even started playing games. Tepper is just looking more and more foolish for keeping him as well. Any coach in the NFL could have better success than Rhule at this point. 

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37 minutes ago, Skack25 said:

I had questions about this from the start.  Surely this isn't by design.  And.... if it was.... our all pro RB didn't tell them that was dumb?  Something seems fishy.

McAdoo probably doesn't give a poo.  Lot of coaches from old eras don't tend to care about opponents being tipped off or knowing what is coming.  The whole you got to stop it mindset.   Problem is you got to be dominant at what you do to not give a fug. 

I mean, if you got a Super Bowl QB, I guess you can be a little lazy with your play calling in terms of keeping folks guessing.   

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