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Steve Smith on the Wilks vs Reich debate


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If Wilks really was adamant about Holcomb returning as DC I wouldn't be surprised. Great culture guy but also kinda stuck in his ways Rivera style. Reich seems more open to evolving with the rest of the NFL, and also has more connections. That would probably sway me towards Reich also if I were the owner. Duce Staley is already gonna replace some of that energy Wilks brought and won't be surprised if he's in line to take over HC eventually 

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20 minutes ago, Krovvy said:

The Matt Rhule stories right after. 🤡

Damn talking to the ticket office, picking which players can do media haha. What a fuging clown. Asking players to watch tape in the locker room an hour before the game? Too late dork everything is already dialed in, dudes are trying to get their minds right to hit people for 3 hours straight. That was the best little 5 mins of this 

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25 minutes ago, CamWhoaaCam said:

Please let Steve Wilks live his life peacefully.


People wanted him gone yet they still want to discuss him. Let it go people.

I just thought it was interesting hearing a former player's perspective... That was simply it... And for the record, most Wilks supporters cannot let it go either

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3 hours ago, JawnyBlaze said:

The other guy don’t k ow the Panthers. He’s probably never watched a Panthers regular season game in his life. Every answer was “I don’t remember that game”. Of course you don’t, you didn’t watch it. “They were a dead team” “give coach Wilks some good players and see what he can do”. He had a bunch of good players. There is talent all over the defense, the unit he made worse when he took over, and in addition to a very good line there’s a few good players on the offense too. This guy just reads headlines and makes opinions off of that. Total clown. 

Yeah that guy didn't know sh-t.

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