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Are the Panthers unsure of who their #1 is or is it just a smokescreen…


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1 hour ago, PantherOnTheProwl1523 said:

This morning on NFL Radio on "Airing It Out" host Charlie Weis said he has heard many times Reich is wanting AR for our first pick but he wasn't all in on this pick either. 

If true mostly likely translates to he has the most potential of a questionable class.

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I think it's between young and stroud 

And I think it will be Stroud because of the height issue , which is a shame because Bryce is a great player, versatile and smart and can make quick decisions like mahommes 

I think if Denver hadnt already sunk there future in Wilson, they would have traded up to get young, because Payton knows how to gameplan around short QBs 


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7 hours ago, mav1234 said:

I think you have to be very comfortable with at least one of the QBs and probably two to make the trade they did.

I think they probably have an idea, but aren't yet 100% sold on who they will take.

What if you were only convinced on one of them, and then running up to the draft you discovered something that would take them entirely off your board?

Being open to more than one isn't a bad thing.

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    • These aren't kids. They are working aged, voting and military eligible adults who could be fired just like any non athlete with a job. I'm not insensitive to the concerns but it is pretty clear cut what it means and it's not pretty from any angle. I don't see college sports popularity improving over time. It's lost all charm  
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