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Besides QB, what do y'all think are out biggest draft needs?


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WR- duh

OL- depth

LBs- everything

CB- depth, spot starter, NB

FS- depth

DL- depth roles for new 3-4

This is assuming the 1st is used on QB. 

Maybe- RB shouldnt be too hard to find a better option than either chubba or blackshen.

TE as well- lots of number 4 depth players. 

summary- whole squad. focus should be BPA. 


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2 hours ago, 45catfan said:

WR, TE, RB, 5-Tech, ILB, IOL, and swing Tackle.

I agree on everything but RB and TE. The added FA's make those less important. I would say CB should replace those. Also a single utility OL guy who can fill multiple spots in a pinch consolidates those two. So in my opinion WR, ILB, CB, OL and 5 tech. Just trimmed it to 5 needs. Something is gonna have to give cause we are limited by number of picks and that 1ST is earmarked for one position. 

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Good question.

Based on what they said about Chinn and Luvu, it tells me that they need a nickel CB (to keep Horn on the outside) and they need an Edge (So Luvu can play LB and maybe some OLB in 4-3 looks?)

1.  WR (if we sign Chark or another, this is eliminated)

2. OLB/Edge (I am hoping that Barno steps up)

3. Nickel CB (A nickel CB to use when Chinn is not playing the big nickel would keep Horn outside)

4. 3-4 DE  (these are rotational players, and we definitely need at least 1 DE)

5. Swing OT (As of now, this may not be that big of a need--Cade Mays to LG, BC to swing T.  still like to see a depth player so that we do not lose effectiveness at 2 positions if a T goes down)

6. LB  (I like Smith, but with Thompson, we need some depth)

7. Safety (we have 4 Safeties if you count Chinn, and if Chinn plays somewhere else, we would have no depth for 3-S looks.

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