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Scott Fitterer details Panthers’ plans for dealing with Bryce Young’s height, weight


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21 minutes ago, CarolinaGooner said:

This is music to my ears. I love the idea of shoring up the interior OL. Both Bree's and Wilson played behind beast offensive lines, especially the interior. 


Right?  In the past, the focus was usually on the tackles and protecting the blind side.  But for shorter QBs like Young, who have the ability to step up in the pocket, I thin it may be more important to prevent the inside rush.  

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2 minutes ago, ericr0319 said:

the game is all mental and if you're bright you can work around your limitations/"flaws".

Manziel, Baker, and Kyler aren't in the same ballpark as how Bryce sees the game/field. Brees was. Russell is. that is why they thrive. 

if you're 6"3 and a doof it doesn't matter if you can sling it or not. yes, putting on weight is important to prevent injury, but none of that will make him a better "football player." 

He's going to take hits, no matter what, it's the NFL. .. you just want to minimize probabilities by giving him an offensive line, a great scheme, good weapons etc.  Adding weight to be able to absorb hits, when they happen, is important.  

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Just the fact that they acknowledge and are aware of the fact gives me a lot of hope for this front office and coaching staff.


Fitterer also said the Panthers are focused on improving the interior of their offensive line, in order to prevent the disruption that can happen up the middle, especially with a shorter quarterback.

“If we can build it really stout up the middle, we think that’ll also help Bryce,” Fitterer said.

I LOVED that they mentioned this. With Ron Rivera and Co., it was always trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and always dismissing the elephant in the room.  Cam needed a good o-line and WRs his whole career here, yet for some reason Ron and Hurney thought nothing was wrong. It's such a breath of fresh air to actually have a front office self aware enough to know a good o-line is a MUST.

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1 hour ago, WUnderhill said:

But can’t height be added though? I’m not talking 5 inches, but couldn’t they put like a 1 inch insole in his cleat or something if they really felt it was necessary?

Maybe he can get some custom cleated AF1s… that should give him almost 2 inches.

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