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Talent Problem


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9 minutes ago, USDepartmentOfSavagery said:

My resentment is based upon the hype our all-star coaching staff placed on Bryce all off-season. How he is a Steph Curry, poised, cerebral and generational player with unique arm “elasticity”, etc. You can’t make those types of proclamations for months and expect the fan base not to revolt when he looks like absolute ass - meanwhile AR, Stroud, etc. are establishing themselves as potential franchise QBs with WORSE ROSTERS around them. 


Bryce has not been great, but he also does not look like he doesn't belong out there.  Hes completing 60% of his passes, 2 TDs and 2 INTs thru 2 games.  Yeah we're not lighting the score board up yet, but I think personally he will be OK.  Hes probably still a little overwhelmed with everything, evidenced by him lining up behind the RG one play last night lol. 

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We were told from the beginning that Bryce was so sharp he was going to elevate everyone around him.  That was a fair expectation considering the brain trust believed it so much we sold the farm to take him first overall.  Tepper and Reich have both made public comments that they didn't believe we even needed a true #1 WR with a "point guard" type QB.




Of course, having a No. 1 overall pick also creates expectations, and owner David Tepper wasn't shying away from that when he said he hoped picking Young led to Super Bowls.

"You know the way he throws the ball, the way he's a point guard, how you can use the different players on the field, how you might not have to have as many elite receivers because he's the point guard, right?" Tepper said when describing Young's talents. "He distributes the ball to people with routes. So you can save some money there. We believe we can save some money in other places because of him and put that money into the defensive side of the ball. ...

"This year with Frank, we wanted to go out in free agency and the different pieces we needed for wide receivers. We think we have some great route runners in Thielen and Hayden and other people here, and that is somewhat intentional, thinking about what we will need if we have the point guard."





"We really design it so that we have a different number one receiver on every play," Reich said. "That's not just number one in the progression, which everybody does that. But we're gonna really move guys around.

"I think everybody's got a superpower. Right? We always say, 'What's your superpower?' And put guys in a position to use their superpower. Maybe there's one or two routes that they run better and just have a better feel or instinct for, so let's put him in a position to run that. Use that superpower on that route, on that play. He's our number one receiver on this one."



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I was at the game yesterday. 


- Out of sync. False starts, holding, and timeouts due to not having the play called in on time. We lost on first down, making it hard to convert on second and third down when it's obvious we have to pass

- OL. The offensive line can't pass protect when called upon and they lost almost every short-yardage battle against the Saints

- WR. Adam Thielen is our best WR because he understands how to be QB-friendly - sitting in the zone, cutting his route short because he sees the blitz. I'm willing to give Mingo (rookie) and Chark (first game back from injury) a past. However, TMJ is approaching bust status.

- QB. Ultimately I remain optimistic. Hasn't been as accurate and strong against pressure as advertised. However, saw him make several throws into tight windows. He has a strong enough NFL arm. 

I realize with Bryce it's about the long game, not the short. I want to see how he improves each subsequent week and post-bye.

I think I got enamored with Cam Newton's physical prowess - size, speed, and strength that masked a lot of holes from the previous Panthers team. However, that is why we didn't consistently go to the playoffs because we heavily relied on amazing talents like Luke and Cam without building a roster with a strong foundation. 



- Frankie Luvu is the best player on defense these last two games. He gets sacks and TFLs throughout the game. 

- Defense didn't skip a beat after Shaq went down 

- We can't consistently stop the run. Especially on short-yardage downs.

 TLDR; there needs to be a brutal and honest player evaluation at the end of the season. Every decision should be made around making Bryce Young successful.



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1 hour ago, onmyown said:

It’s hard when your owner is trying every cheat code in the book for success. The Panthers STILL have not had that tank season they desperately needed. And now they trade to get a pick they should’ve naturally had for a while now. That’s the issue - always band aiding a team instead letting things happen naturally to properly rebuild like many other teams do. But Tepper is a path maker and ‘smarter’ than that.


1 hour ago, LinvilleGorge said:

Hey, we might get that tank season now. Unfortunately it's after we traded that 1st rounder away.

I have heard this so much the past two weeks from local Panthers' fans in my area. The line being what really sucks is now the Bears are going to have two top five or top ten picks in next year's draft. I mean they could draft Drake Maye and Marvin Harrison Jr, giving them Maye, Harrison JR, and DJ Moore to go with a new coaching regime. Talk about getting fleeced! We could've done the same simply by having like @onmyown that tank season and amassing picks. The actual effects of losing and rebuilding are easier to swallow as a fan than this head barely above water facade we've been witnessing the last five years!

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Reality is most fans understand what this team needs, a influx of offensive talent badly at the skill position 

questions is, is our current gm the guy to add that much needed talent, he looks far from it at this point.

another unpopular opinion, Bryce probably should have sat the first half of the season. With what’s on the line, we can’t afford to deal with rookie mistakes in bunches since we don’t have our first rounder in the next draft.

yet again this front office has tried to microwave results, they are allergic to making moves winning franchise do 

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