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"384 yards!"

top dawg

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21 minutes ago, emhoward said:

My suspicion is by the end of the year the Saints will be a top 10 defense and the Colts will be bottom 10. 

When Stroud faced a top defense in the Ravens they scored 9 points at home. 

Thats not to say that C.J. hasnt looked better. But the gap isn't big enough thus far for anyone to declare one better than the other, much less going as far as to say we drafted the wrong QB. 


You talking about his first game as a pro?

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7 hours ago, Proudiddy said:

Yeah, I remember hearing that, but I liked his playcalling with Philly.  Idk wtf is going on now, but it clearly is a problem so far.  It boggles my mind that a pro QB is cool calling a game like this is 1940s football...  but still, we have enough data showing it shouldn't be this bad based off what he did elsewhere.  Which brings it back to Bryce as well...  Seeing what Dalton does is going to be interesting.

Yes, P-Diddy, but Reich did not call the plays in Philly, Doug Pederson did.

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9 hours ago, Proudiddy said:

It's why I really think the receivers argument is cookie-cutter-excuse-making bullshit.  Have anyone not a Texans fan tell you about their receiving corps.  We have better talent and despite early impressions here, Reich didn't have terrible offenses where he was OC and HC, so us having record low stats was not expected, nor acceptable.

After I saw his stats the first two games, first thing I thought of was, I can’t remember who his WRs are. Yes, our weapons aren’t the best, but they are better than Houston’s and stroud is doing just fine. Bryce is a rookie, I get that, but this wr excuse is wild.

I remember after smitty left here, some of cams WRs couldn’t get open and no one outside of a handful of ppl gave a poo. Heck, some said stuff like “good qbs throw their WRs open”. Obviously not giving up on Bryce bc it’s only his second game, I did expect better, but hey poo happens. 

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9 hours ago, Carl Spackler said:

Huddle in October 2018: DJ Moore is a bust, we should've taken Ridley
Huddle in October 2019: Burns is a bust
Huddle in October 2020 (and through October 2022): Derrick Brown is a bust
Huddle in October 2021: Jaycee Horn is really good, he just had bad injury luck (also in 2022, 2023)
Huddle in October 2022: Ickey is a bust
Huddle in October 2023: hmmm I wonder

when you have to make things up it you know you are losing your argument

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21 minutes ago, mrcompletely11 said:

when you have to make things up it you know you are losing your argument

OK let's do this, boys

Sept. 2018: DJ Moore is worse than Ridley, we screwed up picking him: 

Fun thing about this one is the people saying "it's only been four games, be patient" are the exact same people crucifying Bryce Young after one game. 💀

Burns? Hell just go through all your own posts clowning his ass since 2019, that one's too easy

Let's try Derrick Brown. No one said he was a bust


Oh look who we have here

“Brown, who will still be just 25 when his fourth NFL season kicks off, has progressed nicely throughout his three-year career but significantly elevated his play from last season to this one,” McGuinness writes. “His 77.9 PFF pass-rushing grade ranked 12th among all interior defenders, with the former Auburn Tiger registering 40 total pressures on 514 pass-rushing snaps.”

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