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Welcome Charles Lee to Charlotte. He's the Hornets' new coach

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1 hour ago, Toker Smurf said:

Good experience on some pretty good staffs. The NBA is so player driven, can he get more out of our players? We have a good core if Melo is healthy. LET'S GO!

We have more overall talent than the Knicks tbh

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JJ was a splash hire some understandably wanted us to make. I would have been on board with it. But it was going to be a dicey pairing given everything going on with this franchise and the need particularly for someone to come in and clean up not only the pitiful culture but reign in some of the young roster that is prone to distractions. That would have either gone very well or very bad with JJ you have to be realistic about that.

This isn't a hire that is going to wow people but who knows it could be what we need. I'll give him a chance. I also want to see the contract details and how much we gave him.

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I like him. Brings plenty of experience and he's young.

His comments about the roster and particularly competitiveness are a welcome addition.

"I see a group that just plays with a lot of energy, a lot of passion. I think that on the defensive end we have to create an identity of who we want to be. I think on the offensive end, continuing to play with pace, play together, play with the pass, and also try to give us a little identity on that side of the ball too. The biggest thing it's going to come down to I think, is how competitive are we going to be? That's a mental competitiveness, a physical competitiveness, and then also the component of how much are we going to do this for one another."


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29 minutes ago, Basbear said:

would anyone protest if they traded ball for __________ and turned the team over to miller ??

Ball for Brandon Ingram?


He's from NC and that's probably the only other impact player we can get for a injury prone LaMelo Ball right now. Otherwise it's likely we keep Ball.

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24 minutes ago, Basbear said:

would anyone protest if they traded ball for __________ and turned the team over to miller ??

I know it’s not a basketball stat, but Melo has the #12 selling jersey in the NBA.  (#1 actually where I’m from in MD).  That’s ahead of Dame, Donovan Mitchell, Joker, KAT, Klay, Jimmy Buckets, Ant, SGA, and Kyrie amongst many many others.

A small market team with the bleak history we have, you don’t trade a young popular star like that.  

If we put a reasonably competitive team on the court, Melo is the type that can RECRUIT another star or two.  Superstars that can recruit other superstars don’t land in Charlotte very often.  And the current NBA is all about recruiting that Big 3.

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