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"Carolina Panthers going nowhere with Ron Rivera, Cam Newton"

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Why do people keep quoting this guys articles. He's a horrible talk show host who frequently talks nonsense. All he does is this "EHHHHH JOOOE . . howya doooooin?. . orrr EHHHHH Charlie! . . howya doooin?" He's known for being a tool, seriously who fuggin cares what this guy says.


He gets paid to be sound upbeat and happy not give you correct assessments.

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How is cam the problem? Are 2nd year quarterbacks not allowed to struggle or grow anymore? How many other excuses have been made for other quarterbacks on other teams? Luck and Griffin may have gone to the playoffs but they didn't win a superbowl and that is a failure in my book as much as cam not making the playoffs. And I guess you can't level any blame to chud according to him. OP should not be posting hack writing just to stir the pot, we already there are sports writers who feel this. No need to bring them up everyweek.

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.. it's this simple - prove them wrong

personally .. I'm not worried about the panthers .. we will be better than last year and Cam will be better

IMO Russell Wilson will have a sophomore year comparable to Dalton's

RGIII might be too injury prone to ever amount to sh!t

Luck is one if the ugliest and nerdiest dudes I've ever seen and throws more picks than Delhomme (haha! j/k I love Jake)

I'm as pumped as the day we drafted Cam .. he's just gonna get better and better - that's a scary thought

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Things are never as good as they seem and things are never as bad as they seem. Somewhere in the middle reality falls. Adam Schein is at the extreme pessimist end of the spectrum and the Huddle is towards that extreme optimist side of the spectrum. In reality we are a 7 to 9 win team when you look at our schedule. We are still a year away. If I'm wrong I will eat crow.

At least he said he liked Panther fans.

If you follow New York sports you would know who he is and you're right he's an extreme pessimist and overreacts just as bad if not worse than the people on here to every little thing that goes on in sports and tries to spin it as the end of days. He's annoying as sh*t no one should take him seriously.

Although I do commend him for when he called out snookie on twitter one time cuz her fish like stench (which means exactly what you think it means) was stinking up the whole studio he was working in and then snookie got pissed and it was a whole twitter feud it was great lol

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Only thing I agreed with from that article was the bit about firing Rivera and having Gettleman hire his own coach.  Rivera is a terrible HC.  So what if the players like him and rallied around him to win some ridiculously easy games at the end of the season last year.  That doesn't mean the team is going to win.  Not sure he even lasts through the season.


Players hate Tom Coughlin but that team wins Superbowls.  Rivera is still the same coach that called a timeout to let the other team kick a field goal before half time.  I'll never forget that act of pure idiocy.  

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Yes Cam is not the answer. QB who broke all sorts of records his rookie season and still manage during the "so called" sophomore slump to put up great numbers. I feel people in the sports world want this kid to fail. Or they are to busy jumping on Lucks/RG3's dicks.

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