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Official Panthers Cuts Thread...

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Bersin cut.

@josephperson: Per league source, #Panthers cut fmr Wofford WR Brenton Bersin. Could be signed to the practice squad. @bbersin10

Sunshine was always a long shot for the main roster.

Could see him on the PS though.

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    • From the article... Coach Matt Rhule said he wasn’t concerned with Thomas’ drops. (cough) bullsh-t (cough)
    • Quoting from today's presser via The Athletic... “We have purposely taken the approach of developing Sam – and all of our quarterbacks this spring – as a drop-back passer and put a lot on them,” said Rhule, the Panthers’ second-year coach. “More than most teams will probably do with a quarterback – more than probably the coaches are comfortable with. “But for me it’s about just putting so much on those guys — not giving them a bunch of easy plays where they can go out and feel confident and look good,” Rhule added. “Our defense is giving us a lot of different looks. So I want to stretch those guys and see what they do well and then we can be more targeted in training camp and into the season.” The first part of that statement interests me, specifically the part about developing their quarterbacks as "drop back passers". Neither Bridgewater nor Darnold would rightly be seen as big run threats (neither are statues either, but still). And of course, the team passed on drafting a quarterback who was. It makes me wonder if Rhule and/or Brady aren't necessarily concerned with superior athleticism at the quarterback position. You'll note he talks a lot about mental preparation here, but physical...not so much. Arguing against that idea though is the fact that the team seems extremely interested in athleticism at pretty much every other position. With that said though, there are plenty of successful teams whose quarterbacks aren't amazing athletes (including the one that captured last year's Super Bowl trophy). So is this an indicator of Rhule's QB philosophy or just an emphasis they have right now?
    • We don’t need to pay monk anything big, that’s for sure and we always need shooters
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