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Panthers Begin Head Coach Search?

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It's clear that Cam doesn't respect Rivera, and why should he? Ron doesn't know what he's doing, especially on offense. This team has the talent to win now but we're failing to execute because our coaching staff is a mockery. We're starting to see the major foundational issues.


To be fair, Newton wasn't exactly special in this game either.  Neither were a lot of other guys.


Rivera did a poor job gameplanning, but his players did him no favors.



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....how about now?

We need Gettleman to do the same thing with Rivera that USC did with Lane.

don't care that players like him, don't care that he is a nice guy. Don't care if he is a top 5 defensive coordinator.

As a head coach, he is garbage.

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Newton appeared sharp in the first half. Quarters 3 and 4 confirmed it for me (for the 1000th time) that Rivera can't make adjustments. Granted, this doesn't excuse Cam for coming out flat in the second half but look at how Luck responded after a crappy first half against The Seahawk's D. The HC and OC found cracks in that defense and exploited them. It's no different than what Arians did in the second half to us.

Newton's profile early on was he'd look great at the beginning of games but tail off as they went on.  I figured once he adjusted to the pro game that'd change, but now we're back to that.


Definitely not all on him.  We need better OL, better DBs and more consistent receivers for sure.

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I think if players can't handle this kind of pressure, then they'll never be able to be anything more than average.  And if we start winning, nobody will care at all about some random comparison Rivera made. 


Maybe, but many are kids--23-24 years old.  IT can wear on you to a point where you start believing it.  Heck, during the games, they get pumped when the crowd cheers and bummed when they boo.  Human nature.


I played in college, and when you win you want to go to class and out to eat,etc.  WHen you lose, you order in.

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