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  1. if the Saints get him i might literally weep. his unfair wobble-duck passes being miraculously caught for no reason will sting a lot more when its the Saints
  2. i wish i remembered more but my brain is mush. the uniform poll rigging was definitely a highlight, that guy was so mad we ruined his article. we got all the way through the semi-finals on the strength of our spam, but a huddler (sadly forget who) stepped in with a bot to win us the finals. a personal highlight that nobody else would remember/care is when i kept repeatedly asking @PandaPancake to fight me in real life in like 2015 and everyone got so mad about it and i got my only ever warnings. that was the hardest i've laughed to this day it just hit me right in the funny bone.
  3. looking at what was up with the actual team when you joined is a real good way to feel old. i first came here to read discussions of Thomas Davis getting drafted. dude is on medicare now
  4. rodeo

    Cyberpunk 2077

    i mean you'll be getting 1400 in a couple weeks from covid relief, if you have no other use for it
  5. i would accept this on the condition that he bring Calvin Johnson and that Calvin Johnson becomes 27 years old
  6. i don't think there's been a post that 5 people have reported since i became a mod, so this will rely on people actually reporting the bad stuff. it's a great idea for spam and/or butthole pics
  7. i just got here cause i spent the entire day thinking the site was down cause i had carolinahuddle.com/boards as my bookmark lol
  8. rodeo

    Cyberpunk 2077

    if you have even a midrange pc you shouldn't have too many serious bugs. i run the game on ultra settings with a 1660ti at about 55 fps. the game-breaking bugs are all on ps4 and xbox one. pc has some kooky glitches like every game does - fewer than skyrim. i finished my first playthrough the other day and immediately started another to go another path.
  9. rodeo

    Cyberpunk 2077

    i've had 0 crashes or serious bugs playing on pc. fantastic game
  10. Messi to City would be bonkers huh
  11. i love how 2 months ago they were saying "if you wear a mask you're a pussy!" but now they're saying "i can't wear a mask, i'm a pussy!"
  12. lmao it's always the person posting the most idiotic obviously fake bullshit who say this
  13. oh that should be good then i see that they don't ship til september but i guess i'll order it anyway
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