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Michael Oher vs Frank Alexander

Jeremy Igo

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doesn't look like a full pads practice to me, which makes sense. First practice after 6 weeks off should be about getting them back into the flow of practice. (and making a good show for the fans and reporters there if you're the cynical type)

if it's not a full pads practice, it doesn't count to me





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    • Saints - 21 Panthers - 24 The Brees era is finally over. Imo he is a 20-pt advantage in the dome. I think they would have put up 41 on us in the same situation last year.    But Jameis gonna Jameis and I think we get a couple picks, short field, points off turnovers. Their defense is good but the TOs make the difference.    Darnold - Steady again - 24/34 295 yards, 2 TDs; No INTs  Jameis - Throwback Jameis - 39/55, 330 yards, 2 INTs, 2 TD, 5 sacks.    CMC - 140 total yards DJ/Robby - Combine for 200 yards in the air and 2 TDs.    Burns/Reddick - 3.5 sacks.    Horn - 1 INT - balls out to send a message to daddy’s former team.
    • When I see posts that we could have had this guy or why are we not picking up a better this guy at that position, I think... "We can't have everybody we want now". It takes time to build a complete team from scratch. For a new HC, OC and DC to get use to coaching in the NFL. It takes time to clear the dead cap space and bad contracts and build from the draft. It takes time for a young team to build an identity. Ours I believe will be a great defense and a quick hitting offense.  I believe they see 2021 as another step towards that. With Brady and the Bucs dominating and the Chiefs and few other teams at their peak, are we really going win a SB this year? IMO, this year is "hope we can at least win enough games" to come close to a wild card birth and maybe even sneak in. That would build team character and make the fan base start to really believe in the team. I think 2022 is a big step year with 2023 on being, we can compete for a SB run and hopefully win it.  It takes a philosophy and a culture, which Rhule brings. It takes solid depth to overcome injuries, not just having superstars. And it's impossible to have superstars at every position. Darnold may not be the franchise guy but he needs at least another year and a better O-line to really know. We tried to get other QBs and it didn't work. He was a high reward - low risk investment at the time and might turn out pretty good. I said might. Fans are impatient. I would rather build a perennial winner than have the 1 year good, then 2 years bad past (that's what it felt like). But I'm jealous watching the Chiefs and how loud their fans are, or other good teams. The Panthers need to build that consistency to win back the fans and the confidence that they can win most if not almost all games, especially at home. The Chiefs, Seattle, GB, Patriots, etc have home field advantage. We need that. After the music stopped on defense at 20 seconds, the stadium crowd was so low compared to the Georgia fans (2 weeks before) that were more than double the volume with 1/2 the stadium of fans. All this takes time.
    • In me jocks for the 3am kick off over here 
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