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2015 Carolina Panthers Final Roster Projection

Jeremy Igo

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Yep bring on the same crop of wr's switching Funchess for KB.  I'm beyond ready for us to be good enough at that position so that Bersin doesn't make this team by default.  No offense towards him, but it speaks to the quality, or lack thereof, in that position group. 

Broken fugging record. 

well if KB hadn't gotten injured Bersin probably doesn't make the cut ....so idk what you expect 

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I'm starting to get excited about Marcus Lucas, obviously he needs to work on his blocking but that'll come as he continues to add weight (I assume he's trying to add weight as he was 218 coming out of Mizzou as a WR). Lucas is only 23 years old and doesn't turn 24 until next year. I think Lucas has the potential to be a nice recieving type #2 tight end. 

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LOL,  Got to love the Huddle whiplash.  In one thread it's damn, how can we ever expect to be a good team if we keep filling our roster with UDFAs.  On another thread it's damn, Rivera & Gettleman are too conservative and won't give our team a chance by putting the UDFAs on the roster.

[I'm mostly thinking of Wegher here... obviously Boykin is not a UDFA.]

Pie for "whiplash", because that's what it's really like. 

Once someone shows you who they are,  you better believe them...lest you get hoodwinked. 

Hype, rhetoric and grandstanding about competition and the best 53 making the roster will always be much ado about nothing.  In the end, the more things change,  the more things they stay the same.

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Offensive Line - 9
Michael Oher
Andrew Norwell
Ryan Kalil
Trai Turner
Mike Remmers
Daryl Williams
Chris Scott
Amini Silatolu 
Nate Chandler

Note: Panthers could opt to waive Brian Folkerts and use Mike Remmers as the backup center. This frees up roster space and makes room for the day that Daryl Williams is starting (it will happen this season). 


I was a bit surprised that they started the game with Folkerts at center instead of Remmers with Daryl at RT.Thought that was pretty much a done deal. I will say, Folkerts didn't do himself any favors in that game.

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I've gotta think there will be an outsider or two after cuts, looks pretty good overall though. Gentleman loves his pass rushers, and 4 DEs seems paltry given the talent we lack there. Plus Gentleman normally keeps 5. Also I think we keep a 6th LB, though not sure who (probably Trusnik or Jacobs). I'm also on the fence about Boykin, and I believe we'll add another receiver to the corps anyway. 

QB, RB, DT (health pending), and CB are positions I could see us going with one less of in order to accommodate those moves. 

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