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Cam Newton reported for theft


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2 minutes ago, CarolinaSunday said:

She's absolutely trying to get national media attention. She's been tweeting to the NFL's Jeff Darlington, before she put her Twitter to private she followed a bunch of media outlets (including the Ellen Show), and is posting on the Packers' FB page. 

that's so pathetic.

send her a giant panthers banner with cam newton's autograph.

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35 minutes ago, Sam Mills Fan said:

Believe me, there's no way the officer wanted to file a report. They're required to take one in almost every circumstance if someone wants to report one. It will go nowhere though and nothing will ever happen.

Oh I know how it is. I'm a cop. He probably took the info, said "alright, if you want to press charges, go to the magistrate's office and see if they'll give it to you" and then told everybody on his shift. Guaranteed CMPD is belly laughing across the county right now at this.

If the reporting officer actually went to the magistrate his or herself and tried to swear that charge out, I'll have lost all faith in the city of Charlotte and indeed all of humanity.

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So, the Packers fan admits to smuggling in unauthorized paraphernalia into a large private facility? I believe that is a punishable offense. Arrest that man. Thankfully Cam was there to uphold the law!

Criminal Packers fans need to stay away from Panthers Country!

Pie if you support life time ban of all Packers fans smuggling in cheese heads and large packers banners!

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People are sad...

everyone wants to be a victim.  We empower that mindset.

if I go to an Oakland game and hang a Panther flag down at players.....I'm taking a risk and I'll have to accept that by doing so I might get it snatched. 

Keep your man cave sign at home and don't dangle it down at field level.  Pretty simple.  Poo happens.  

You know they are straight up looking for attention if the Panther org even said they would take care of them and they then go file a report and go to media.  People suck.  Especially Packer fans.

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