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24 minutes ago, J.Cage said:

I was cool with them....then the Cam is selfish and can't handle adversity without pouting thing started

That's what you get with SEC country. And if you thought UGA/Falcons fans were having a bad time, UT/Titans fans are probably on a whole new level.

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One of my best friends lives in Nashville and is arguably the world's biggest Titans fan (didn't know anyone was a Titans fan). I am going to Nashville for the game and asked him for his thoughts/predictions. He feels like they are revitalized after firing Wisenhunt but fully expects the Panthers to win. His call? 28-21 Panthers in a close one.

My Call? 31-13 Panthers. Titans have weapons but we limit them on offense and wear them out on offense.

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1 hour ago, Moorgan said:

For some reason I'm reminded of this:


Can they win sure? It's not likely. I have no doubt that the team will come out angry as they search for that complete game.

I must give you props for the Titanfall picture!  I still love playing that game from time to time!

Sure, they have a right to feel good after last week.  Doesn't every team feel confident after a big win?  Could they beat us?  Absolutely.  Any given Sunday..blahblahblah.  The Panthers would have to give them a hand and completely lay down.  It is entirely possible because we've won 8 games this season, and are due for a let down.

Then again, we've had let downs versus other teams, but we still won.  I don't see the Panthers taking the Titans lightly.  I think the Titans will put up a fight, but I think we will grind them out.  Mariota doesn't make a lot of mistakes, which is fairly amazing as a rookie, but he hasn't faced our Defense.  We also haven't had a complete game yet...

They can feel great now, like every team that's faced us thus far, but we're not the Saints or the Bucs.  Just wait >=)

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I dunno about realistic, but they're pretty dumb.  I wore my Panthers jersey to the Titans/Phins game a few weeks ago (yes, I was one of those guys, but to be fair we went downtown afterwards to watch the Panthers/Seahawks game).  Anyway, I had a Titans fan tell me the Panthers suck, mind you we were 4-0 at this time while they had one win and 3 losses.  I also had a guy say "wow, a Panthers jersey?  I guess somebody has to pull for them."  I was like we're 4-0 what are you talking about?  He then shut the fug up.  So no, realistic is a nice way of saying stupid.  Because they're not that intelligent.  

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