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The Panthers will select one of these four prospects in round one of the NFL Draft.

Jeremy Igo

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On 4/20/2016 at 8:53 PM, brandon_87 said:

there is more to a TE then catching the ball, our O is going to be run first, if he can't block, he's useless.

Arkansas was and is one of the most run-heavy offenses in college football and Henry was a huge part of its success.

Wherever you read that he "sucked" at run blocking, you might want to just block those guys because they're idiots.

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    • You're still going with this? Get some air.
    • For those taking part in the Pick Em game, don't forget there's a game tonight. Also, you guys suck. All but one of you were outpicked by a bird 🐦 (and yeah, I was too, so...) 😖
    • I gotta say. Attending home games since 2002,  this opening game this year was a clusterfug  from police barricades on the roads to trying to get food and there were no condiments for the food if you could get food  to some of the pregame music with lyrics   little kids shouldn’t be hearing (even I watch my language in stands when kids under 10 are around me) to the top cats looking like they needed to be on a pole, dancing to some questionable lyrics, again, fine if there aren’t little kids around  To the lame, obnoxious rally guy’ trying to force people to cheer  to the PA system being so loud it was deafening and everything everyone else mentioned   I’m not kidding   It was incredibly loud  net  was not the same at the stadium  it was lacking in class and precision. Some is covid of course but it wasn’t close to the well oiled machine it used to be  pro sports, it’s the product in the field at the end of if the day but outside of the animated panther and flyover and usual salute to service, more annoying being there than not  maybe it was just opening day malaise but they did have two preseason games to get this corrected 
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