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Is Tua an option? Appears to be trouble in paradise...


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Players thought Mahomes was trash too his first year. 

We’ll see.

They have a point about his athleticism and arm strength. This is why guys like Trask aren’t going anywhere. That stuff really matters these days.

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I kept trying to tell people this.  The Dolphins are NOT sold on Tua.  Go watch his tape.  He did NOT look very good.  His arm was questionable, his mechanics were shaky and his decision making slow.  I want Tua to succeed simply because I like watching good QB play across the league as a whole, but it's far from a given at this point.

The 'Phins don't need to draft Lawrence.  They are in a position to take one of the two QB's that follows Lawrence.  Yes, they have other needs.  WR is a glaring need.  But I can understand why they might go QB if they believe Tua isn't going to cut it.  He's not on franchise money.

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I don't understand why people think it is so crazy that an organization could use 2 1st round picks on QBs in a short period of time.

There isn't a team in the league that wouldn't happily give up 2 first for a franchise QB.

You are basically giving yourself 2 chances for finding a QB.

If one is bad, and the other one is good, you are happy.

If they are both are good, you trade one, you are happy.

If they both are terrible, then you are still looking for a QB.

If any of these reports are true, then it sounds like the Dolphins should look at QB this year.



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Just now, AceBoogie said:

Which also tells you how much good coaching matters. Andy Reid has pretty much made every qb he’s had look good. 

Yeah. He said he came back to the second training camp a completely different qb. It’s why I want Lance to sit for most of the year if we draft him.

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I saw the Dolphins play three times and he was horrible to bad in each game. I hoped that Grier's (Dolphins GM) declaration that Tua was their starting would mean that they would not draft a QB in the upcoming draft. However, I am still not completely convinced that the Dolphins will not draft a QB in the first round. I am guessing that Grier was responsible for the pick . Tua was that bad. 

Herbert is clearly the better QB and Miami chose Tua ahead of him. Grier may be staking his tenure in Miami on Tua -  especially if he doubles down on the pick by passing on a QB this season.

I would not want him in Carolina. That damn WFT win continues to come back to haunt this franchise.

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1 minute ago, AU-panther said:

give it context


Tua has actually played regular season games

Tyreek said it in an interview. Kelce disputes that claim though but said Mahomes had to transition from “just a regular gun slinger”.


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