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Carolina Panthers to hire Scott Fitterer as GM

Mr. Scot

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2 hours ago, Chief Keek said:

I'm not sure how to take this hiring. It's not Hurney at least but the Seahawks haven't exactly been great at drafts either.

They make the playoffs every year and beat us consistently 

they are doing something right out there

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1 hour ago, Mr. Scot said:

Heck, maybe even public relations.

He was a cap specialist here before he was a GM (not real sure that skill set translated when he made the change).


Psssshhhhhh Marty Hurney couldn't make change for a dollar........

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9 hours ago, Jesse said:

This is the whiniest, most insufferable, the-sky-is-falling group of people on the internet. 

He didn’t draft the players, but merely presented the cumulative research to Shneider it seems. No one was in the room so how can you assume how well any candidate was perceived? The shitty and holier than thou attitude is what turns people away from this board. 

Give the man a change. Let’s take a couple years to determine how well or poorly he does before vilifying him. 

I use to let the stupidity get to me. 


Now I just laugh and sometimes pray for them. 

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50 minutes ago, SmittysLawnGuy said:

The real question about Fitty is which Huddlers 2nd cousins best fiends uncle played T- ball with him and can get us the low low on our draft plans.  You know it's coming at some point.

I can see the screen name off three fitty coming along soon. Distant cousin. 

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