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Does anyone read the observer?


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When I was in graduate school in the early 90s, i worked in the sports department as an agate clerk.  Remember that data on page 2 that featured lake levels and betting odds?  Anyway, I worked with Tom Sorenson, Rick Bonnell, David Poole, Ron Green, and a few other guys.  The sports dept got to work at 4pm and worked through midnight.  So we had the entire news room to ourselves.  You never see the paper the same way once you get to know these guys--

Ok, I'm back.  What was the subject?

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Make advertisers pay NOT readers. Charging readers on the interwebs is a good way to bury one's self. You have to create a demand before anything else, it's not like the print game.

I used to read or buy the Observer daily/weekly, can't tell you the first thing about them now.

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In Chrome, right click the article you want to read in non-incognito mode to bring up the context menu.  Select "open window in incognito window" in that menu.  That will get you past the pay wall.  To read the next article, close that incognito window back to non-incognito and start over.  Don't refresh any page in either mode. 

Alternatively, if you have Apple News+, then you can view the articles there without issues.  

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used to subscribe for yrs...it’s $400 a year now!

I do pay for digital....their sports writers are actually pretty good for the most part

fowler not not fav, but every now and them he hits home runs...his series on Rae curruth was great, and his recent article on his friend that coached in Lincolnton was outstanding 

and Bonnell is in the know on the hornets

I read Sorensen, but even he got out there at times

i miss Ron Green & Tom Higgins 

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23 minutes ago, Scott12345 said:

his [Fowler] recent article on his friend that coached in Lincolnton was outstanding 

Agree.  That was a great article.  Maybe his best.  I emailed him and told him how much I liked it...had to be a tough thing for him to write.

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