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5 minutes ago, AU-panther said:

and Texans take back his signing bonus.  Also if they give away Watson for nothing their fan base is also mad.

Honestly both sides stand to lose, its a game of who blinks first, but this idea that Watson has all the leverage is misinformed.


The Texans have a lot more to lose. The longer it drags out, the more negative PR they receive. Watson could lose his signing bonus, and make up tge difference not paying income tax in Florida compared to the horrendous amounts he would pay on New York.

Oh, and this discussion was about why Watson would prefer the Jets over Miami, not who the team gets a better offer from. I made many points supporting why Miami is better. Armando is an idiot

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1 hour ago, Tbe said:

Why would a guy who’s trying to get away from bad ownership go to a team with worse ownership?

New York City

South Beach



One of these things ain’t like the others. 

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55 minutes ago, TheProcess said:

"Texans say we will only accept the Jets offer"

Watson counters with, fine, then you can play the season without me, and nothing to sell your fan base on since Miami owns your picks

Why would he refuse to play for them when he's a big fan of their head coach?

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11 minutes ago, top dawg said:

Doesn't anyone else find it kinda funny that this story comes out on the heels of the other one? 

And it’s two divisional opponents... this is to drive the market. If those two get into a bidding war, it will help the Texans get into a prime situation. 

this is a pure trade bloat play

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1 hour ago, Mr. Scot said:

Why would he refuse to play for them when he's a big fan of their head coach?

Never said he would for sure. My original post was stating to not put to much into tge article based on it being from Armando Salguero. Then I simply questioned why Watson would move on from a terrible franchise, and want to go to a worse ran franchise. I also listed out many reasons that would seem to make Miami a better fit. As for their coach, yeah he looks the part but is unproven. Coachong is only part of it, the front office has to be competent as well

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