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Carolina Panthers to be 'aggressive' in pursuit of potential Deshaun Watson trade

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I wouldn't do it and here's why. I love Watson as a franchise QB but.... 

If we get him and his salary, we may not be able to sign Moton or any really good FA's and we'll have less good draft picks to build on. It will set us back a couple of years to build around him with less picks and no real cap room. What are we gonna have a 9-7 record but don't have the horses to get over the top? Then, we are one injury away from a set back like Cam. He's similar to Cam in play and after Cam got his 2nd contract he had a great couple of years before the injuries took over. 

With no good picks or cap money, what O-line will protect him? Don't forget the cap hit from Teddy's contract. Can you then keep Robbie and DJ next year? It's too much risk for the reward IMO. He's great. Would love to have him but IMO the timing is not right. 

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7 minutes ago, pantherclaw said:

Nothing in my 45 years, says Watson is going get traded. It is unprecedented.  

The only team that truly has the assets to pull it off, is the Jets.  I'd be shocked if they even pulled it off. 

we living in unprecedented times.  only appropriate the trade of a century happens during covid era. 

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2 minutes ago, WarPanthers89 said:

Who’s blocking for Mahomes? 

Guys like Mitchell Schwartz, Eric Fisher and some other elements of a pretty good line overall.

(granted, they're a little banged up at the moment)

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4 minutes ago, pantherclaw said:

BTW, Watson has no leverage.  

^^^^ This why is that so hard for the majority of this board to understand, He's under contract for FOUR more years at 35m per if he sits he doesn't accrue time towards that..  The Texans could get the same for him in a year maybe even two...

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3 minutes ago, TrevorLaurenceTime22 said:

In 2008 at the time of his trade? He was certainly close.

I would agree, but Jay had some Teddy-type levels of haters. Jay was largely misunderstood cause of his resting dopey face. 

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