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Go on record. Who still wants Watson?

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If he did what is accused. No. If he didn’t. Yes. Simple as that. I can recognize that it is statistically rare women lie about these things. I also recognize athletes can be targets and that Deshaun having played in our area has always had a great reputation. Although, the more allegations the harder it is to believe something didn’t occur. That’s just my opinion. Ultimately it’s up to a jury to weight the evidence. My hope is that the truth prevails.

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2 minutes ago, Basbear said:

Up to 22 now, 12 filed and 10 more on the way.... @The Lobo and @Mr. Scot seems like I was a tad low in my prediction....eh??

Hes in weinstein territory currently, free him!!! Let him go for the Cosby, that will be enough for those who still think this is owner conspiracy.... maybe not I forget who Im talking about..

I wasn’t second guessing you, I was just asking if you heard anything. I’ve also never said it was owner conspiracy, I’ve been pretty clear both sides need to be heard. With the original Instagram post and deshauns response, I thought it was a bit odd, it’s now gone haywire for Watson. It will be interesting to see this play out and I hope justice will be dealt correctly. 

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20 minutes ago, USDepartmentOfSavagery said:

Only way we draft Jones at 8 is if we truly believe he is a franchise QB. While I don’t think he is a franchise QB in the modern NFL I do trust the staff and organizations due process. I think we all should until they prove otherwise. I would prefer we trade up to a potential trade partner and guarantee one of Fields/Lance. 

I said trade down for Jones.

I’m not sold on him either, but the Panthers may be.

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26 minutes ago, Fox007 said:

Is Marriota better than TB?

Can’t be much worse imho. I’m still way off TB mostly because he’s terrible and has an ego, but a lot of it still stems from him taking the time to park his ass on the Saints bench in the middle of a game.

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Something happens and he gets on the list and/or suspended or worse...and you’re left with your dick in your hands and no draft for 3 years...that situation will 100% set you back close to a decade.

It just isn’t worth that kind of risk.

The people who want to make a move like this do it based off what they will believe will happen because of their personal opinion of the case, rather than what’s factually unknown.

That’s called emotions. And business decisions on emotions is dumb. 

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You trade up to pick 3, and get either Wilson or Fields. You carry on as that will be your QB of the future. If Watson is found guilty, no question you stay on course with your rookie QB. If he is found innocent, you check on the asking price. If the price is reasonable (would include rookie QB), then make the move. If the price is ridiculous, you stay course with rookie. 

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3 minutes ago, TrevorLaurenceTime22 said:

Tepper would probably have to buy the Jaguars to get the pick.

Well, he has the money and now has a home in Florida. Make it happen.....lol

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