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Banks of America stadium renovations

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2 hours ago, Carl Spackler said:

When they say "this is YOUR club," they truly mean it. You're paying for pyrotechnics/smoke for entrances, you're paying for the expansion fee, you're paying for the renovations, you're paying player salaries. It's your club and it's the local government's club. 

Welcome to the Club

Well yeah, thats kinda how it works with all sports.  

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10 hours ago, chknwing said:

Let's not forget that these renovations are purely temporary until they build a new stadium.  As much as I like the renovations I think it's a colossal waste of money

Where will that new stadium be located?

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12 hours ago, Panthercougar68 said:

I love the renderings the first thing I thought of was how much they resemble Tottenham stadium and that’s actually where they got their inspiration from.

I am of the belief that when time comes for a new stadium that Bank of America will not be torn down and will become Charlotte FC‘s out right

Ding Ding  we have a winner. Exactly the plan all along. Build an indoor stadium over time and use the present stadium for multipurpose and then exclusive for soccer once the new one is built. 

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8 minutes ago, panthers55 said:

Ding Ding  we have a winner. Exactly the plan all along. Build an indoor stadium over time and use the present stadium for multipurpose and then exclusive for soccer once the new one is built. 

Where do you anticipate the "new one" will be located?

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14 minutes ago, panthers55 said:

This is Tottenham Stadium from the cheap seats. Assuming I uploaded them properly.


We went there with the Roaring Riot to London in 2019 when we beat Tampa. Amazing trip and great stadium although I doubt we have plans for a retractable roof like there. With the weather they get you need a roof. 

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31 minutes ago, panthers55 said:

I had heard rumors about the land across the street when the Charlotte Pipe and Foundry moved to Stanley County. 


Yeah the lame-o CLT sports press has been propagating that rumor for a good while...

Problem is highest and best use of that site portends for a valuation that won't pencil out when modeling the economics of a new stadium.

The Carowinds site would be an amazing spot for a new stadium!

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