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Verge's 2021 Mock Draft


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4 hours ago, Verge said:

Before I get the question. Hi, I'm Nat lol

I posted my mock yesterday and we have some similarities.  Great minds?  Get therapy?   You will go either way on that one-

My bold prediction:  Mond at 15. 

I also had Asante Sam at 29, i think.

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Just now, MHS831 said:

I posted my mock yesterday and we have some similarities.  Great minds?  Get therapy?   You will go either way on that one-

My bold prediction:  Mond at 15. 

I also had Asante Sam at 29, i think.

I could easily see Mond or Mills in the first round. We should definitely get therapy.

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1 minute ago, Verge said:

I could easily see Mond or Mills in the first round. We should definitely get therapy.

MORE therapy in my case.   I had Atlanta trading back and drafting Mills in the second round.  Perfect spot behind Ryan. Brady is another good spot for him.

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3 hours ago, Basbear said:

Bet was Lance would be within 10 picks of where Fields was drafted.....I felt super comfy then and on cloud 99 weeks before the draft....

I bet Lance would be within 10 picks. 


It’s looking that way. But a bets a bet so I’m thinking Fields goes 4 and Lance goes 15!

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7 hours ago, Verge said:

I know you all have been waiting for it, and I have finally compiled my mock draft. I will be doing the entire first round and then the rest of the Panthers picks. This is based on what I have been told and my own evaluations. Before I start some things I should note, this will be the least accurate year for mock drafts for I think everyone, so nothing is written in stone. As another note, a lot of teams are going to opt for players who did not opt out last year and that could very well be a draft night trend, so watch out for that.  Let's get it. 

1. Jacksonville Jaguars
Trevor Lawrence, QB, CLE 
Nat's notes:  Obviously lol 

2. New York Jets
Zach Wilson, QB, BYU
Nat's notes:  Other QBs were explored, but they felt comfortable here with Zach for the last month or so. 

3. San Francisco 49ers
Mac Jones, QB, ALA 
Nat's notes:  I have been saying this since they traded up, Mac is the guy. Internet scouts (including me) severely underrate the level at which he played QB this year. The more tape you watch on him the more it makes sense. Mac Jones is the #3 QB on multiple boards, including ours. 

4. Atlanta Falcons
Trey Lance, QB, NDSU 
Nat's notes:  They could look to trade down and still take Lance a little later, but I think ultimately if you like Lance, which as I have said they do, you sit here at 4 and take him. He is the perfect fit for this offense, and gives him the ability to sit in learn for a year and flip Ryan for an early pick next year. Stonks. If they do manage to trade down, I think the #4 pick will be Lance regardless of who picks here. 

5. Cincinnati Bengals
Jamarr Chase, WR, LSU 
Nat's notes:  Obviously this could be Sewell, but you get the sentiment that they want to recreate that elite connection between Burrow and Chase. They need to improve their down the field passing game, and Chase does this for you. They will obviously swing back in the 2nd and grab an offensive lineman in a deep class. 

6. Miami Dolphins
Kyle Pitts, TE, FLO 
Nat's notes:  It's who they have wanted this whole time, and they sit here and get him. Elite level talent and a top three player in this draft. Slam dunk for the Dolphins who are playing chess. 

7. **Trade** Denver Broncos
Justin Fields, QB, OHST 
Nat's notes:  Pssst the Broncos want a QB and are going to try and trade up to get one. Both of the teams ahead of them stay put to take the top offensive skill position guys, so Denver moves up as early as possible to get their guy, which is Justin Fields. If the Lions do stick here, I think the pick will be Sewell.

8. Carolina Panthers
Penei Sewell, OT, ORE 
Nat's notes:  This is obviously a dream scenario and one that as you can see, could easily play out. Slam dunk pick for a team that has been looking for their starting LT since Jordan Gross retired. If Detroit sticks at 7 and picks Sewell, Slater would make a ton of sense as well. Protect Sam Darnold or give him a weapon (Waddle/Smith) 

9. Detroit Lions
Jaylen Waddle, WR, ALA 
Nat's notes:  Here we are crossing our fingers hoping Detroit does not stick at 7 and take Sewell. If they manage to trade down, I expect them to take the top weapon they can to help out Jared Goff, that is Waddle. 

10. Dallas Cowboys
Patrick Surtain, CB, ALA 
Nat's notes:  I imagine Slater would be awfully tempting here but you have to help out a secondary that was burned all year. Surtain is a perfect fit and an all star at the position. 

11. New York Giants
Azeez Ojulari, EDGE, GEO 
Nat's notes:  Maybe the first big surprise of the draft? Edge is their biggest need, and Azeez is one of the best edge available, being super versatile helps pus the card in his favor. Slater has to be considered here as well. 

12. Philadelphia Eagles
Devonta Smith, WR, ALA
Nat's notes:  I know they wanted to trade up to go get Wilson, and they want to trade up for Waddle here as well, but with neither of those happening Smith falls into their lap for a very sensible selection. Surround Hurts with talent and give him the best chance to succeed. 

13. Los Angeles Chargers
Rashawn Slater, OT, NW 
Nat's notes:  Chargers are doing the happy dance if Slater falls to them, and they run the card up to fill in the massive hole at LT. If he is gone expect someone like Darrisaw to fill the spot. 

14. Minnesota Vikings
Christian Darrisaw, OT, VT 
Nat's notes:  Speaking of Darrisaw, Vikings fill out the LT position to help protect Kirk Cousins and get a starter for the next 10 years. 

15. New England Patriots 
Jaycee Horn, CB, SC 
Nat's notes: Patriots lock up their secondary in case of departures of Gilmore or Jackson, and create a deadly mix in the secondary this year. Zaven Collins in another ones to watch here. 

16. Arizona Cardinals 
Greg Newsome, CB, NW 
Nat's notes: They have to be steaming that Horn went one pick before, but Newsome is an excellent consolation prize as a lengthy corner who can jump in and start right away. 

17. Las Vegas Raiders 
Alijah Vera-Tucker, OT/G, USC 
Nat's notes: They have signaled what they are doing after cutting half their offensive line. Tucker provides elite versatility and can plug and play anywhere on the offensive line. 

18. Miami Dolphins
Jaelan Philips, DE, MIA 
Nat's notes: They get a local kid who is ultra productive and the best pure defensive end in the draft. 

19. Washington Football Team 
Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, LB, ND 
Nat's notes: Slam dunk pick for Ron as they nab the best LB in the draft, they are hoping he doesn't go earlier than this. 

20. Chicago Bears
Teven Jenkins, OT, OKST 
Nat's notes: Makes a ton of sense here, can immediately come in and upgrade their run game to be a mauling bunch. Would not be surprised with the shock of the night by taking a Davis Mills or Kellen Mond here, I know they like both. 

21. Indianapolis Colts
Kwity Paye, DE, MICH
Nat's notes: Fits perfectly with that defense and gives them a starting edge rusher. Look for them to target tackle in the second round. 

22. Tennessee Titans
Rashod Bateman, WR, MINN 
Nat's notes:  Farley has to be tempting here, but I worry about the medicals. I know they like Bateman who will be an immediate #2 opposite AJ Brown. 

23. New York Jets
Landon Dickerson, G/C, ALA 
Nat's notes: Protecting Wilson is the priority over getting an edge or corner here. Dickers in a big bodied elite level guard talent. Take him and run 

24. Pittsburgh Steelers
Najee Harris, RB, ALA 
Nat's notes:  They are desperate to make the run game work. Tackle would make more sense but Najee immediately puts some juice in the run game as their RB1 

25. Jacksonville Jaguars 
Christian Barmore, DT, ALA 
Nat's notes: They desperately need interior help and Barmore fits that grade. 

26. Cleveland Browns
Gregory Rosseau, DE, MIA
Nat's notes: Browns take a risk with an opt out player, but cannot pass up the size and physical abilites Rosseau brings. 

27. Baltimore Ravens
Jayson Oweh, EDGE, PENN 
Nat's notes: Ravens take the BPA with a Danielle Hunter clone 

28. New Orleans Saints
Caleb Farley, CB, VT 
Nat's notes: Saints hit a home run on a health risk that fills a need. Will he fall this far? Only time will tell 

29. Green Bay Packers 
Asante Samuel Jr., CB, FST 
Nat's notes: Competes right away for the #2 corner spot and makes the secondary a lot more rangy. 

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (trade)
Joe Tryon, DE, WAS 
Nat's notes: Comes in and provides depth right away and helps out in an already dominant pass rush. 

31. Kansas City Chiefs 
Liam Eichenberg, OT, ND
Nat's notes: They obviously need offensive line help, and Eichenberg can compete for the LT spot right away. 

32. Buffalo Bills
Travis Etienne, RB, CLE 
Nat's notes: Traded down and still got who they wanted. Etienne will be the immediate starter in Buffalo. 


Here is the full version of my first round mock. I will be following up later with the Panthers 7 round plan. 

Nice work, very logical mock.

Cincy goes Sewell

Miami goes Pitts

Pick 7 goes QB

Do we go Chase or Slater

I really haven't thought about Chase being there at 8, but if 5 QBs go top 8 it is a possibility.


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    • So Rhule was correct in saying "The process is working, we just can't see it yet?" We're improving but just not getting the W's? Nah, the only stat that matters is Wins. 
    • I don’t have confidence that they can make the playoffs. But I also think these 1 to 3 win predictions I’m seeing are too pessimistic. More likely in my mind is somewhere in the 5-6 range. We still have Atlanta twice, New Orleans again, Denver, Seattle, and Pittsburgh on the schedule. That’s another six games against mediocre to bad teams based on their early season performance.  Yes, as currently performing, we could lose some or all of those matchups, but I think it’s more likely that we can muddle through with a few victories in there.    As far as improving performance, I don’t think Baker is quite so bad as he’s shown. He has been awful. But part of that comes down to lack of reps, having arrived on the roster late in the off-season and enduring a dumb sham of a QB competition that prevented him from forming as much chemistry with his WR corps as he would have otherwise. He also is still getting more familiar with McAdoo’s offense. So I think he can improve his play from here on out. Am I hopeful that he’ll be serviceable? No. Improvement will likely put him in mediocre territory instead of worst in the league position. And the reason for that is that McAdoo’s offensive scheme is terrible. It is not tailored to our personnel. He should be utilizing Baker on more rollouts and play action since he is a bit jittery in the pocket. He should be calling more rub routes that can scheme receivers open to give Baker some lay up type throws. And he should be utilizing McCaffrey in the passing game, getting matched up on LBs that he can easily win against. That last bit may be the most inexcusable. It’s ignoring possibly our greatest weapon.    So for me, it comes down to whether McAdoo can install some better plays in the playbook and do a better job of situational play calling during games. Yes, the players have to execute, but he isn’t putting them in a position to succeed. A lot of our struggles on third down come down to failures on 1st and 2nd putting us in long distances to go to convert.  The silver lining is that there’s no where to go but up. But I am not hopeful we’ll see drastic improvement because as with Rhule, we have a large enough sample size for McAdoo that says he’s not competent. It would probably be more like getting the passing attack to 25th-ish in the league instead of 31st (the Bears are somehow worse). But that may be enough to get us to that 5-6 win territory with how our running game and defense look. 
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