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Grading how the draft was run

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1 hour ago, GOAT said:

I loved watching folks on here freak out over the trading back stuff.

First, it exploits the miseducation of how the draft works - and how long we have had the wrong decision makes in place.

Secondly, it shows how impatient some people are. They begin saying things like "I guess we'll just draft someone in 2022". Something that my kids would say in line at Disneyland.

We executed this draft very well, trusted our board - filled holes and prepared for the future.


Honestly the relief in Tepper's voice during that phone call to Christensen tells me that he was literally the last OT on our Big Board. They absolutely didn't expect that run on OTs to happen when they traded down from #39.

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I was honestly kind of frustrated with trading down so late in the draft. Obviously they are the ones that know best, I just saw so many prospects that I liked.

I just don’t understand gambling and trading down when there is someone you like on the board. I guess they won’t admit how many times the gamble didn’t pay off. 

I think it’s great to look at it as a numbers game, but it’s so likely that most of these players won’t work out. I kind of wish they tried to get who they wanted at the top of the draft vs just going with quantity over quality. 

I’m looking forward to this being the best draft class ever, just feels different I guess. 

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It’s just nice to see patience as opposed to panic. It seemed very calculated and we were intent on not reaching, something hurney has a bad tendency to do. 

I have no idea if any of these guys will be any good though. 

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I don’t really buy that there wasn’t a player taken between our original 2nd round pick and the 52 pick that we were hoping to get at 52. I think the second trade back in the 2nd round was a reaction to the guys they wanted at that pick no longer being there. Based on that I would have to give a pretty low grade on how the draft was run. I think the best trade back spot was the first round where we could have, for example, traded back with the Bears and picked up an extra first round pick next year and gotten Caleb Farley.

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