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So Ramsey has been invited to be part of our Rookie- Mini Camp, but isn't under contract. He is a QB from Northwestern and will have a chance to work out with our rookies and other invitees. It makes sense because we will need a QB or two during that camp. Probably won't make the team but if he shows out--you never know!

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I think everyone in this thread overlooked that Mack LB retiring. Room for one more.

Many other teams only signed 3-5 players, Im surprised. Pats have signed no one and WFT signed only one.

 Plus I believe new rule is you can only bring in 5 rookies for try outs. Dont know if its per week or what. Convid worries are still around

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4 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:


Based on what I've been told by several huddlers before, this is a clear sign that the staff doesn't really believe in Sam Darnold and they only picked him up just in case they couldn't get someone better 😐

That's a hell of a QB room....in Sam we trust?!

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3 minutes ago, TheProcess said:

Hoping we do the same for Shaun Jolly from App State that we did for Ramsey. Jolly could be a find as a nickle corner. If not, you lose nothing

Man we only trade up in drafts to get players from App State....  😆

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4 hours ago, Swaggasaurus said:

I can understand the slide due to weight and character concerns. But poor pass pro doesn’t really apply when you’ve given up 0 sacks in 865 pass pro chances. Other people on that line gave up sacks. It’s a lazy assumption to say fat guy=poor pass blocker

It isn't lazy. He tested out poorly athletically(not surprising) and he didn't move well in the workouts. 

This is the classic college fan mistake of assuming that college success is a 1:1 with NFL success.

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You guys are a nutty group I tell ya what.


Nothing @Swaggasaurussaid was wrong. And ya'll jumped him like he beat your dog. lol


If Brown shows up fat, and out of shape? He isn't going to last long. And all you arm chair warriors will be right.


HOWEVER, if he shows up ready to compete. Like he did all of last year. Yeah, he can absolutely help this line.


Now excuse me. I have chores.



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1 hour ago, TheSpecialJuan said:

Possibly but we're already at 91 so we're gonna have to cut at least 1 guy 

Read my post above this Juan, Mack retired and theres 90. Plus I dont know youre still counting Teddy. OTC and sportac lag at times. 

Im sure they will have 5 try out guys and may sign 2. Then they will cut 2.

I think they are at 90. maxed out

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